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How to Build a Company That is Market Intelligent

Information that is actionable is intelligence. Actionable information from outside the four walls of your office, from your market, is market intelligence (MI). But Market Intelligence is one of the worst-kept secrets in...

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Contify is Now One of The Highest Rated Software Tools in Asia

Last week, we announced that Contify, was listed as a high performer on G2Crowd’s Market Intelligence Grid®. Just one week later, we’re thrilled to share that Contify has been featured as one of the highest rated software tools in Asia. G2Crowd released its 2018 State...

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Google Alerts: How it Works And Why It Doesn’t

A Google alert is simple to set up — just search a keyword, click on ‘create alert’ and — voila — we’ve got a new Google Alert. Google will start sending email alerts whenever it finds updates matching our keyword on the web. It is one of the most popular services for...

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Product Update — News Data Feeds

Up until now, our News Data Feeds API only supported searching news by companies. Starting today, we are adding new ways for businesses to search and filter information such that it adds greater context around the business updates...

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Announcing Our Newest Product — News Data Feeds

Today, we’re excited to launch our newest product — News Data Feeds. Organizations that need news updates on companies, business topics, and industries at scale, can now get them as a ready-to-consume feed through our APIs or as RSS/XML. Actionable news updates about...

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Machine Learning Problems: The Easy Parts

As a programmer with data science background, my attention is invariably caught by the real-world situations where machine learning algorithms have made a difference, for example: email spam filtering, news categorization, review based recommendations, social media...

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Behind The Scenes Of a Market Intelligence Platform

It has been seven years. We implemented our first text analytics algorithm back in 2010. I wonder if we would do the same if we knew everything that we know today. May be, but I’m not 100% sure. It took us a long time to build a market intelligence platform — an...

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