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Google Alerts: Not content with the content

Frequently, I have realized that as we increase depth on a topic, a new layer of knowledge opens and we start appreciating the finer details. One notable example was for the product our firm has developed. I frequently thought about how far better our curated market intelligence is from the "pretty good" Google alerts. Why would someone shell out money for a paid product when a free alternative was available. So, I decided to make a head-to-head comparison of the content updates by five of my favorite analytics companies for two weeks. And as with all good experiments, it provided ...

Feature update: Export Dashboard Charts to PPTs

We built Contify dashboards to help you get insights by the visual representation of data gathered in the Contify platform. For example, market landscape analysis of competitors’ activities in past week is just a click away. Many customers wanted to use our dashboards charts in their team presentations and we have enabled just that. Now you can export charts from dashboard into a live PPT chart (with data) and integrate it with metrics you track outside of Contify. Hope it makes your presentations more powerful!

Introducing Newsfeed Views

Ever since Contify was launched, the Newsfeed has been the most used part of the product after our  email alerts. While users find email alerts as a great way to stay on top on what matters to them right from their inbox, the Newsfeed is the centre piece of Contify giving users access all the information they need in a simple feed. You can apply several filters to look at any aspect of your market. For example you can look at news for a particular company or quickly get to the mergers and acquisitions that a competitor has done over ...

Machine Learning Problems: The Easy Parts

As a programmer with data science background, my attention is invariably caught by the real-world situations where Machine Learning (ML) algorithms have made a difference, for example: email spam filtering, news categorization, review based recommendations, social media sentiments etc. Time and again, I marvel at simplicity of the optimizations that lead to massive pay-offs notwithstanding the complex nature of ML problems.

We hosted our first webinar. Here’s what we learned

Hosting a webinar isn't easy. It's a full blown event. And if you haven't done it ever, it can be quite overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be that way for you. We've written a short post documenting our first webinar hosting experience. We've broken down the entire process into a step-by-step guide. So here's a short, no non-sense formula for getting started in no time and hosting your very own webinar.

Here's what to know about hiring at a startup

I’ve never worked at a startup prior to Contify and last 6 months in my current role have been focused on building/reshaping teams and capabilities. While enough has been written on how the first 5-10 employees shape the culture of a company and have a long term impact, my experience of hiring and getting hired at a start-up has put me in a unique position to share insights on recruiting later stage employees once the founding team is already in place. So here are my 2 cents:

1. Every hire is important while you’re small:

Even entry-level hires and trainees. While ...