Contify, the AI-enabled market and competitive intelligence solutions provider, has announced that it has successfully deployed its account intelligence solution to help a US-based management consulting and advisory services firm leverage intelligence on key accounts to drive new opportunities that boost sales.

As part of the engagement, Contify deployed its proprietary AI-enabled Account Intelligence platform for the sales and business development teams of the firm that:

1. Monitors and tracks news updates automatically and keep tabs on the strategic moves of their key accounts to drive conversions.
2. Aggregates strategic updates from the web in a precise, relevant, and noise-free manner to save on the time and effort.
3. Creates a centralized repository to store updates from key accounts and make them easily retrievable to conduct analysis.

The Account Intelligence platform accorded the firm a 25% increase in the size of their sales pipeline, whilst enabling a 30% reduction in the response cycle from seven to five business days.

“We selected Contify for their understanding of our industry, technology credentials, and impressive track record in delivering intelligence insights at scale. The commitment of the Contify’s analysts and the in-depth discussions were an indispensable component of our successful implementation, and we are now rolling out Contify for other teams as well”, says a partner at the professional services firm.

“B2B sales organizations are always on the lookout for a competitive edge to improve their sales performance. Our account intelligence solution is a natural fit for underpinning account intelligence with data and technology. This is yet another example of how Contify is helping clients empower their teams with precise and real-time (or near-real-time) news insights on key accounts to win more deals, and shorten the sales cycle”, adds Mohit Bhakuni, the Founder and CEO of Contify.

Contify caters to the unique account intelligence requirements of the businesses across industries such as banks, research & analyst firms, pharma, and healthcare companies.

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