Contify leverages its Competitive Intelligence Solution to generate actionable insights.

Contify has announced that it has successfully deployed its market Intelligence Platform at a European eMobility and sustainability solutions provider to power informed decision making and drive its product strategy through fast delivery of critical insights. As part of the engagement, Contify, a leading market intelligence company, tailored a customized competitive intelligence solution to:

1. Automate the monitoring and tracking of news updates on the strategic moves of the firm’s competitors to drive informed decision-making.

2. Track the firm’s product segments with a focus on any new products and services.

3. Aggregate strategic updates from different websites enabling the firm’s analysts to spend less time searching and more time analyzing the information.

4. Create a centralized repository of intelligence with strategic updates on key competitors and make this intelligence easily retrievable to conduct timeline analysis and identify trends.

Contify’s Market Intelligence Platform accorded the firm a 50% reduction in the length of the information sharing cycle through a 36% reduction in the man-hours that the team was previously spending manually tracking the market drivers and competitors.

“This is a great tool to track all the updates relevant to us. Contify has helped us transform the way we share knowledge and intelligence across our organization through one centralized solution”, says the market intelligence manager at the firm

“In the current evolving business landscape, all companies must review their market and competition monitoring methodologies. They must explore technology-driven competitive intelligence solution that acts as an early warning system and enables swift decision making in sync with market drivers. Contify helps automotive firms to access a modern market intelligence platform that delivers precise, succinct, and actionable intelligence for better, smarter, and faster decision making. We are delighted that our solution is enabling automotive companies of all segments and sizes to increase their competitiveness and strategically position themselves for the future”, adds Mohit Bhakuni, the Founder and CEO of Contify.

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Contify caters to the unique intelligence requirements of the businesses across industries such as automotive, banks, insurance, consulting & research firms, and pharma companies.

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Contify offers an AI-enabled Market and Competitive Intelligence solution that tracks information on competitors, customers, and industry segments. It enables users to collect, curate, and share information across the organization. Intelligent (actionable) information is mined by searching and analyzing information from over 200,000 online sources including news, company websites, social media, reviews, discussion forums, job postings, regulatory portals, and more. 
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