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Announcing Our Newest Product — News Data Feeds

Today, we’re excited to launch our newest product — News Data Feeds. Organizations that need news updates on companies, business topics, and industries at scale, can now get them as a ready-to-consume feed through our APIs or as RSS/XML. Actionable news updates about...

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Machine Learning Problems: The Easy Parts

As a programmer with a data science background, my attention is invariably caught by the real-world situations where machine learning algorithms have made a difference, for example: email spam filtering, news categorization, review based recommendations, social media sentiments etc

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Social vs. Traditional Media: Who Trumps?

A real-world analysis to understand the content posted by companies on their social media sites and its comparative analysis with their coverage in traditional media. Background Until around five years back, the workflow of Market Intelligence (MI) teams was more or...

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Introducing The New And Improved Dashboards

The dashboard has been a core component of our Market Intelligence offering. It has enabled our users to surface high level trends on what is happening in their market and competitive landscape. However, over the last year, we have worked closely with our customers to...

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Why We Built Contify

We believe that organizations, just like humans, need to evolve to survive. But a difference is emerging between the two. Since 1900, the life expectancy of humans has more than doubled to 70 years. But in the same period, the life expectancy of a company (S&P...

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