Up until now, our News Feeds API only supported searching news by companies. Starting today, we are adding new ways for businesses to search and filter information such that it adds greater context around the business updates delivered through our APIs.

We have launched three new endpoint —

1. Industries: Allows you to search information by over 220 industries. The industries endpoint is a great way to add industry updates to your apps and knowledge management systems.

2. Content Type: Contify categorizes information into 24 content types. These include news articles, marketing content, regulatory filings, press releases, social updates, job postings, and 18 more. You can add content filters and personalization features to show updates from a particular content type depending on your users’ preferences.

3. Location: Knowing what locations are mentioned in the information or its country of origin adds greater context and intelligence around it. With our locations endpoint, you can search for information from specific geographies. This is great when users depend on tracking updates in a particular location or territory.

In addition, it is now possible to filter content by keywords. Simply pass a keyword or advanced search query in your API request and we’ll return content that matches those keywords.

And finally, you will now be able to sort content by date of publication or relevance. We define relevance based on the density of a company name or keyword in a given article/update. The sorting gives you extra control over showing only the most relevant news and business updates to your users.