To access analytics, head over to User Analytics from the drop-down menu on the top-right corner of the navigation bar. 

From here, you can filter usage by:

  1. Users (sort users by metrics such as engagement score, alerts and newsletters received, clicks, and views)
  2. Newsletters (see a list of your best-performing newsletters)
  3. Activity (view a list of inactive users)
  4. By tags

Contify calculates engagement score using the formula:

Engagement Score = (Newsfeed View Count*5) + ((Alert Read Count + Newsletter Read Count)*10) + (Story Read Count*20) + (Dashboard Views Count*30) + (Newsletter Sent Count*50)

A higher engagement score indicates a more user engagement with the platform, through newsletters and alerts.

Download Analytics

You can also download the analytics in an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. In the User Analytics module, set the desired date range, and hit the Download [↓] button. Make sure that the Users tab is selected on the left-panel.

For additional information on Download Analytics, please refer to this help article.

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