Contify is an AI based Competitive & Market Intelligence Platform to track information on competitors, customers, prospects, industries, and topics of Interest.
Information is aggregated from over 200,000 sources including news websites, company websites, social media, and also from custom sources such as regulatory portals, job boards, etc.

Some of the common signals that are tracked by Contify are:

  1. Management Changes
  2. Business Expansion
  3. Partnerships and Alliances
  4. Competitive Landscape
  5. M&A Activities
  6. Regulatory and Legal
  7. Funding Activities
  8. Operational Challenges
  9. Financial and Business Performance
  10. Awards and Recognitions
  11. Bankruptcy and Restructuring
  12. New Offerings
  13. Cost Cutting
  14. Procurement and Sales
  15. Events
  16. Corporate Restructuring
  17. Negative News
  18. Hiring

A complete list of topics with description is available here.
In addition, you can configure your custom tracking topics. We can help you create custom topics to track market signals and get intelligence updates.

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