To edit updates in bulk, turn on the Curation button on the toolbar above the Newsfeed cards and make your selection of stories to be modified.

Hit the Bulk edit button on the contextual menu bar. On the modal window that appears, modify the parameters that youʼd like to apply to your selection.


Use the date-picker to apply a uniform publish date to the selected updates.


Use the drop-down menu to select a status (Published, Pending, Rejected, On-Hold or Draft) to be applied to your selection.

Email alert

Select whether youʼd like the for the updates to be included, excluded in the personalised Email Alerts set by your users. Selecting the Top news option will highlight the selected updates within a special dedicated section the alert.


Add or remove multiple tags from the selected updates in one go. Upon selecting either the Add or Remove option, use the search field to lookup available tags to be applied. Search suggestions will appear as you type.

Note: This feature is only available to users with Curation access granted to them. To gain access to this feature, contact your administrator.

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