We’ve deployed a major update to the Contify Newsfeed, focused on bringing several usability improvements to the user experience.

Here’s a summary of what’s new

1. All dropdown menus now have a clear label to denote what options they represent.

Each dropdown now informs the user what the corresponding options mean and gives a clear, at-a-glance view of what has been applied.

2. A clear distinction between filters and sorting options.

The Date Range filter has moved to a new place on the left panel, above Smart Filters.

Sorting options (Sort by, Duplicates, Tags) are now front and center, and live within their own dedicated toolbar above the article cards.

3. See the number of available updates

A counter below the sorting toolbar announces the number of updates currently being rendered, given the date range and filters applied.

4. Change the number of updates displayed per page

The option to change the number of updates rendered per page has been moved to the footer bar at the bottom. Use the dropdown menu to select an option ranging from 25 – 200.

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