In the Contify Newsfeed, duplicate and similar articles are grouped together to reduce unnecessary, superfluous information from the newsfeed. Each group contains a primary (Root) article, which is displayed as an update on the Newsfeed, and other (child) articles of the group are listed under the ‘Similars’ tab for each article card.

Users can now change which article is marked as the Root story for that update, add an article to a cluster, or ungroup it, right from the Newsfeed.

Change which article is marked as primary (Root)

Hover over an article and select the Edit button from the top-right corner of the Newsfeed card to enter the editing mode.

In the Similars tab, the first story listed within this cluster is the current primary (root) story.

  1. To ungroup an article, select Ungroup from cluster. On the next, hit the Confirm button to confirm the action.

  2. To mark an article as root, select Mark as root. On the next window that appears, hit the Confirm button to confirm the action.

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