With the world under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our engineering team spent the summer upgrading Contify’s system architecture. The significant upgrades to the core such as migrating to the latest versions for our database, web crawling infrastructure, and machine learning libraries was rigorously tested over a period of 6 months and successfully deployed.

Though we have scheduled upgrades of this scale for once every two years, it still feels like an engineering challenge each time. With the thousands of businesses around the world that rely on the Contify platform for their market and competitive intelligence programs, performing such an upgrade is akin to changing a plane’s engines mid-air!

The benefits of this upgrade to our codebase include:

Optimized performance

This upgrade allowed us to vet and review every line of code. Newer versions of our application framework accord the use of fewer lines of code for the same feature — a more concise codebase translates to optimized performance.

Enhanced security

With the leaps and bounds made in encryption technology each year, upgrades like this ensure higher security standards for our entire system and customer data.

Easier to build out new features

The latest versions of the underlying technologies in our application framework lend us new capabilities to deploy the latest machine learning libraries and other useful open-source projects. This gives us a much bigger playground to experiment, innovate, and launch features that our users love.

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