Contify and Fletcher/CSI release the recording of their webinar ‘Optimizing Competitive Intelligence through Integrated Primary and Secondary Research’

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The webinar was hosted by Contify, a leading competitive intelligence company.

C ontify, a pioneer in AI-enabled market and competitive intelligence solutions has announced that it has released the recording of its recent webinar co-hosted with Fletcher/CSI, a leading market and competitive insights and strategy consulting firm on the topic ‘Get the Big Picture View: Respond faster to market and competitive disruptions through integrated primary & secondary research’, exclusively for market and competitive insights professionals, marketing/product development and sales professionals looking for actionable insights to better manage business outcomes.

On 16 September 2020, a panel of thought leaders from the competitive intelligence space, Mohit Bhakuni, CEO – Contify and Erik Glitman, CEO – Fletcher/CSI, along with the guest speaker, Patrick Sturgeon, Director of Strategy for Purina, discussed the importance of integrating the results derived from secondary and targeted primary research to produce effective competitive market analysis. The webinar focused on the evolving nature of competitive market intelligence and provided an essential guide to business professionals for augmenting growth with the integration of ‘Primary and Secondary’ intelligence advantage.

Key Takeaways Webinar

Topics covered during the webinar include:

1. Empowering C-suite, sales, marketing, and product teams with actionable insights by integrating primary and secondary research.

2. Best practices to collect, filter, and integrate multiple information sources and the best ways to leverage each source to specific scenarios.

3. Case study on how a leading MNC has integrated primary & secondary research to stay ahead of competitors and augment business impact.

“As all industries are evolving with the growing competition in the market, Competitive Intelligence is increasingly gaining relevance. The key to growth today is basing your strategic decisions on competitive intelligence with a balance of primary and secondary data. We are thrilled by the response of this webinar on insights to balancing the collaborative approach of managing Primary and Secondary data research in Competitive market analysis,” said Mohit Bhakuni, CEO, Contify.
According to Erik Glitman, CEO Fletcher/CSI, “We are thankful to each participant who attended this live webinar and appreciated the knowledge shared by the panelists. The essence of today’s market competition is leveraging the strength of data from both primary and secondary sources to make informed decisions. Information advantage can be well-balanced with combining the best market intelligence tool from Contify and Fletcher/CSI’s proven ethical primary data research platform. This webinar was a step forward in sharing practical solutions on why and how to integrate primary and secondary data research.”

To watch this informative on-demand webinar, please click here.

About Contify

Contify offers an AI-enabled Market and Competitive Intelligence tool that tracks information on competitors, customers, and industry segments. It enables users to collect, curate, and share information across the organization. Intelligent (actionable) information is mined by searching and analyzing information from over 200,000 online sources including news, company websites, social media, reviews, discussion forums, job postings, regulatory portals, and more.

About Fletcher/CSI

Since 1988, Fletcher/CSI has served the industry with five strategic consulting services — market intelligence, primary research, win/loss analysis, strategy workshops, and trade show intelligence across five industry verticals — life sciences, technology, finance and insurance, consumer and industrial goods, and business services practice groups.

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