Contify Announces Account Intelligence Solution That Enables Account And Sales Team To Drive Conversions

Article by Lokesh Devraj 3 min read

Contify sales enablement tool helps accounts and sales team to drive conversations.

C ontify, a leading provider of Market and Competitive Intelligence solutions, announced the launch of an Account Intelligence solution to help account management and sales teams at B2B organizations acquire, grow, and retain customers.

The new solution leverages Contify’s AI-enabled Market Intelligence platform to deliver sales and account management teams the latest updates based on actionable sales triggers such as business expansion, mergers, and acquisitions, management changes, hiring exercises, new offerings and help drive engaging conversations and optimize sales strategies.

During the pre-launch phase, Contify successfully deployed the new solution to help a renowned global safety equipment manufacturer identify and pitch for opportunities to the tune of US$ 5 million. It works as a sales enablement tool for organizations to boost conversions.

“Sales and account management professionals are the face of the company for its customers. They represent the company at its most visible interactions and vulnerable moments with its customers. Over the past 20 years, this profession has evolved more towards consultative selling. Today, in addition to a deep understanding of their offerings, account managers are expected to have insights into the industry, function, and challenges faced by their customers. Contify’s account intelligence solution is designed to address these challenges faced by today’s accounts and sales teams.” says Mohit Bhakuni, CEO and founder, Contify.

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