Contify & Fletcher/CSI to Offer a Comprehensive Market Intelligence Program

Article by Lokesh Devraj 3 min read

This partnership will enable competitive intelligence professionals to gain competitive insights by combining the synergies of primary research and secondary monitoring through AI-enabled solutions.

C ontify, a pioneer in AI-enabled market intelligence platform, and Fletcher/CSI, a leading competitive intelligence and strategy consulting firm, have announced a strategic partnership to drive a state-of-the-art, innovative, market and competitive intelligence solution that combines in-depth primary research skills with AI-enhanced secondary research capabilities. The new alliance provides clients with an asymmetrical information advantage that translates into better decisions.

Leveraging over 30 years’ experience and industry expertise from Fletcher/CSI, and the large-scale information aggregation and processing capabilities of Contify’s platform, the partnership offers market and competitive insights professionals a one-stop market intelligence solution. Fletcher/CSI’s analytical deep dive capabilities for both targeted research and market/competitor monitoring complement the exhaustive web monitoring and intelligence tracking by Contify.

“Competitive Intelligence professionals require access to both broadly sourced secondary and targeted primary information to create differentiation. Adding the Contify solution to our scope of primary research services brings two key drivers of CI value into one platform. With the FCSI and Contify partnership, clients can stay current on market developments and get enhanced primary intelligence to generate insights that drive strategic and tactical decisions.” says Erik Glitman, chief executive officer, Fletcher/CSI.
“Our customers depend on Contify’s web-based intelligence platform to systematically monitor their markets for signals of new developments, emerging threats, and opportunities. When such a signal is captured, it requires a separate deep analysis based on primary research and domain expertise. With this partnership, we are delighted to offer a complete intelligence solution to our customers.” added Mohit Bhakuni, chief executive officer and founder, Contify.

About Fletcher/CSI

For over three decades Fletcher/CSI has served the industry with five strategic consulting services: market intelligence, primary research, win/loss analysis, strategy workshops, and trade show intelligence across five industry verticals — life sciences, technology, finance and insurance, consumer and industrial goods, and business services practice groups.

About Contify

Contify offers an AI-enabled Market and Competitive Intelligence system that tracks information on competitors, customers, and industry segments. It enables users to collect, curate, and share information across the organization. Intelligent (actionable) information is mined by searching and analyzing information from over 200,000 online sources including news, company websites, social media, reviews, discussion forums, job postings, regulatory portals, and more.

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