Contify Market Intelligence Platform for Enterprises; Launches Fully Customisable Portal

Article by Lokesh Devraj 3 min read

Contify enables effective competitive market analysis for enterprises by launching fully customizable portals for teams.

C ontify, the AI-enabled market intelligence platform for enterprises, has enhanced its offering with the launch of fully customizable portals to organize intelligence into separate modules for teams serving different functions and business verticals.

Fully Customizable Portals For All Teams To Enable Effective Competitive Market Analysis

The portals are designed to serve as a centralized intelligence hub to drive faster access to competitive insights relevant to a specific team whilst storing the intelligence in a common platform for easy cross-reference. When multiple teams access intelligence on a common platform, it is difficult to find relevant updates as they often get buried under those for other teams — Contify portals address this problem.

Contify Market Intelligence Platform Launches Fully Customizable Portals

Each portal can be configured to surface intelligence for a specific use case such as competitor company profiles and SWOT analysis reports for strategy teams, battle cards for marketing and sales, product benchmarking reports for engineering and product teams, and more. The portals are made accessible through a common landing page that can be configured to post mission-critical updates such as news of strategic importance, upcoming events, new intelligence reports, and more.

Contify Enables Effective Competitive Market Analysis
“This was one of the most requested features from our enterprise customers. Market and Competitive Intelligence requirements vary with different functions and business units within the same organization — what qualifies as intelligence for marketing is different from intelligence for strategy. With the launch of custom ‘portals’, Contify’s customers can now customize their Market Intelligence platform to an extent that is unparalleled to any other offering in the market,” says Mohit Bhakuni, Founder and CEO, Contify.

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Contify offers an AI-enabled Market and Competitive Intelligence solution that tracks information on competitors, customers, and industry segments. It enables users to collect, curate, and share information across the organization. Intelligent (actionable) information is mined by searching and analyzing information from over 200,000 online sources including news, company websites, social media, reviews, discussion forums, job postings, regulatory portals, and more.

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