Contify News APIs Enables a Risk Management Solution Provider to Automate Monitoring of Security Risks

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Learn how a risk management solution provider leverages Contify Newsfeed APIs to combine intelligence and automation to eliminate security exposures traced to vendors

C ontify, the AI-enabled market and competitive intelligence solutions provider has announced that it has successfully deployed its News Feed APIs to help an Arizona based risk management solution provider automatically monitor the security risks associated with third-party vendors. As part of the engagement, Contify integrated its News Feed APIs with the firm’s SaaS-based platform and seamlessly mapped the end-points to automatically fetch near real-time vendor updates into the SaaS-based platform. Other Contify’s News Feed APIs capabilities employed in this engagement are:

1. Automatically mark insights with custom tags, avoiding the need to manually select the tags in the firm’s platform

2. Leverages AI-based automation to optimize the analysts’ workflows to easily extract the strategic insights

3. Facilitates multiple language support to track small vendors across geographies

4. Allows seamless integration with the firm’s SaaS-based platform without any change to the existing platform

5. Automates tracking of the changes in companies’ websites

Contify News Apis Enables A Risk Management Solution Provider To Automate Monitoring Of Security Risks

The News APIs by Contify helps in saving up to 200 hours a week, i.e., 70% analyst manhours in manual research, accelerating the speed of generating actionable insights. The latency of the risk-related information delivered also declined by 40%. Additionally, Contify News Feed APIs enable the firm to significantly save CAPEX and OPEX costs that they might have incurred if they would have built the technology infrastructure in-house.

“Contify News Feed APIs is an integral element of our SaaS-based platform allowing us to offer relevant and timely news on vendors – enabling our clients to respond swiftly and take immediate action”, says Senior Product Manager, Risk Management Solution Provider.
“In a world where technology is disrupting workforces, customer expectations, and industries, the ability to deliver quickly and cost-effectively is vital. An API-driven business strategy is a reduction in development effort and faster time to market. Organizations across industries have learned not to expend precious time and resources to source a clean, company-based intelligence feed but instead rely on cost-effective news feed APIs that provide intelligence with only business and industry-relevant information. By embracing Contify News Feed APIs, organizations generate actionable Insights faster, empower their analysts to drive impactful research, and accelerate time to market.” adds Mohit Bhakuni, the Founder and CEO of Contify.

Contify provides News Feed APIs to businesses across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, finance, insurance, consulting, market research firms, and pharma companies.

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How a Leading Risk Management Solution Provider Leverages Newsfeed APIs to Automate Monitoring of Security Risks

How a Leading Risk Management Solution Provider Leverages Newsfeed APIs to Automate Monitoring of Security Risks

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