Contify Offers Free Access to its Market Intelligence Platform and Newsletter Reports to Help Professionals Track Coronavirus Impact

Article by Lokesh Devraj 3 min read

Learn how Contify competitive intelligence software helps businesses to track Covid-19 impact across industries.

G iven the unprecedented nature of the crisis we face, Contify has announced today that it is offering free access to its market intelligence platform and curated newsletter reports to help competitive intelligence professionals track the coronavirus’s business impact on industry sectors and locations.

Contify has configured an instance of its intelligence platform to track both local and global developments of strategic importance to various industry segments.

The competitive intelligence reports are designed to help competitive intelligence professionals track the impact of coronavirus with a more focused look at the industry sector relevant to them, right in their email inbox.

“In these unprecedented times, we thought about what we can do as a responsible participant in the information community. We have been tracking markets and competitors for our customers since 2009. Based on our experience, we are well-positioned to track how this crisis will impact your industry specifically. Therefore, we have launched this free offering to support our ecosystem.” says Mohit Bhakuni, Founder and CEO, Contify.

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