Contify’s Market and Competitive Intelligence Solution Helps FinTech Unicorn Enrich Its Equities Trading App

Article by Team Contify 2 min read

Fintech platform leverages Contify’s News Feed APIs to build a financial market news feature in their app.

Contify, a leading market and competitive intelligence solutions provider, announced that it deployed its News APIs to help an online investment platform build a key feature in its app, enhancing its value proposition.

The Fintech platform was looking for a market and competitive intelligence solution that could help them:

1. Track strategic updates based on concepts, not just keywords; and filter the market moving signals from noise.

2. Disambiguate between company names and things, i.e. Tiger (investment firm), Tiger (shoes), and Tiger (the animal)

3. Deliver relevant and contextually tagged news in the form of a continuously updated feed in near real-time

4. Provide comprehensive coverage by aggregating relevant updates from not just leading global news sources, but also from local and regional media sources

5. Allow seamless integration with the company’s online platform without any change to the existing platform

After thoroughly understanding the company’s strategic objectives and requirements, Contify customized its Newsfeed APIs solution to deliver a solution that helped the platform double its average session length, increase web traffic by 33%, and increase its app usage.

Harnessing the power of Contify’s robust sourcing engine, the company was able to provide its users with a holistic coverage of news and updates related to the stocks, IPOs, and mutual funds they’ve invested in, or would like to invest in. These updates were now available to users in near real-time. You can read more about how Contify helped the Fintech unicorn enrich its investment and equities trading app in this case study.

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According to the Product Manager at the company, the quality and relevancy of the content was strategically important to for us to improve the repeat users and usage of the app.

“It had been one of our core objectives, right form the start, to deliver information on companies, as well as the latest news and insights related to financial markets to our users. With Contify’s News Feed APIs, we were able to quickly launch this differentiating feature as per our plan. The quick increase in web traffic and the average session length is an added bonus. What further justified our investment was the ease of integration of the APIs, and the unfailing support from Contify’s team.” - Product Manager, Fintech Company.
Mohit Bhakuni, CEO - Contify, had this to say on the occasion - “The Fintech startup landscape is seeing acceleration globally. Investment is one of the most prevalent and central themes in this landscape. However, any product that seeks to empower investors cannot function effectively unless it is enriched with real-time information on the financial market landscape. Our clients’ delight at the results is a clear testament of the value that Contify provides.”

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