Use cases

  • Competitor monitoring and insights

    Monitor competitors’ product launches, marketing campaigns, partnerships, reviews, positioning shifts, and more to prepare effective growth strategy.

  • Competitive product benchmarking

    Gain insights into competitor features, create benchmarking widgets, and track pricing changes to gain an objective view of your product’s market position.

  • Market and industry trends tracking

    Stay up-to-date on market trends, industry developments, and emerging competitors to ensure your products meet evolving needs and remain competitive.

  • Track tech innovation and disruption

    Stay updated on the latest technological innovations that could potentially disrupt your industry to quickly adjust strategies as required.

  • Track key accounts opportunities

    Track relevant signals of your existing and dormant accounts to identify potential revenue opportunities and foster lasting business relationships with them.

  • Monitor valuable sales triggers

    Monitor key business events to capture sales triggers for your target accounts and engage prospects with the right personalized messages.

  • Track patents and IPs on competition

    Track competitors' patent filings and IPs to anticipate tech advancements, protect your strategic interests, and maintain a competitive position.

  • Monitor your partners' news and developments

    Monitor your existing partner’s deal wins, key developments, new product & service offerings, competitor tie-ups, awards, and more.

  • Develop up-to-date sales battlecards

    Equip your sales team with up-to-date competitive battle cards to help them create persuasive pitches and increase their win rates.

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Streamline your M&CI process

Streamline your M&CI efforts by centralizing intelligence collection, analysis, and distribution to align closely with strategic goals and derive implications more efficiently.


Make informed strategic decisions

Develop intelligence-led product, marketing, and sales strategies with insights based on KIQs and up-to-date dashboards, enhancing your business outcomes and supporting long-term forward thinking.


Identify competitive advantages

Monitor your competitors' marketing, products and services, website updates, and more to discern their strengths and weaknesses to identify areas for competitive advantage.


Adapt to changing market conditions

Analyze historical market trends and assess evolving market landscapes to identify growth opportunities, mitigate risks, and spot new industry disruptors for building strategies that help you remain competitive.


Improve sales effectiveness

Get relevant signals on your prospects, key accounts, and customers to trigger engaging conversations with them, leading to effective meetings, stronger relationships, and superior sales outcomes.


Build new features

Leverage our RESTful APIs, Webhooks, and RSS feeds to enrich your applications and SaaS products with structured, customized, and machine-readable business news datasets.