We are Contify

A fantastic workplace coupled with innovation, team work and a zeal to deliver the best.

Our values

Customer success

We are responsible for our customers to achieve their desired outcomes while using Contify. We proactively seek to understand ‘the job’ they want to get done through Contify.

We work vigorously to earn and keep their trust. We develop authentic relationships with our customers through continuous engagement to make them successful.



We think like owners. We are driven by the final objectives of our work. We are responsible for the final output, even if it is dependent on others.

What we do and how we do it is a reflection of who we are as individuals. We never pull the ‘that’s not my job’ card — we figure out a way to get it done. And we move things forward; we have a bias for action.


No compromises

We strive for excellence. Hard work is a badge of honour for us. We get involved at deeper operational levels and stay connected to the details.

We don’t settle by solving the superficial symptoms of the problem — we address the root cause. We go above and beyond the call of duty to produce highest quality output.



We believe in collaboration, not heroism. We celebrate the spirit of teamwork through the collective responsibility of our teams both in successes and failures.

Contify managers are like sports coaches and understand their serious role in building other leaders through training, coaching and creating the right opportunities for them.

We respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable but once a decision is taken, we commit to it wholeheartedly.

We don’t do mindless work. We work efficiently and don’t waste time. We rigorously audit our work with data and measurements to disrupt and reinvent how we do things.



We do what we say we will do. We keep the commitments that we make to our customers and colleagues alike. No one can doubt our personal integrity.

During challenging times, we rise to the occasion and show who we truly are. We believe in the principle, “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”


Fast communication

We respond quickly and close the communication loop. We simplify complex ideas and express them clearly in writing.

We respectfully assert our views and back them by data. We use simple language and specific examples over generalisations and management speak.


Yes to learning

We are lifelong learners and are always trying to improve ourselves. We grow in our career and as individuals by developing new skills, not by the number of years of experience.

We are curious people and seek to understand things. We celebrate the spirit of questioning.


Our clients

Awards and Recognitions

The people powering Contify

Mohit Bhakuni
Sameer Walia
Kapil Bharti
Gordon Donkin
Kavita Kharayat
Anand Kumar

Contify’s Journey

  • Contify begins its journey as a business information aggregator

  • Contify launched as an industry intelligence platform

  • Launched a fully customizable enterprise-grade M&CI platform

  • Launched News API for businesses

  • Launched account intelligence solution

  • Launched fully-customizable dashboards and homepage

  • Integrated premium information sources such as Globaldata, Strategy Analytics, ABI Research and more

  • Launched a competitive intelligence solution for B2B Marketers

  • Contify launches Global Newsfeed feature to provide users full access to its entire content portfolio

  • Contify introduces integrations with email, Slack, MS Teams and SFDC

  • Contify launches Contify Insights and Contify Copilot, powered by a combination of GenAI + Knowledge Graphs

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