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Expand your scope of market and competitive research by identifying new competitors, technologies, trends, and business signals.

  • Diversified sources: Access Contify’s structured intelligence repository created using its proprietary crawling infrastructure, from over 1 Mn+ sources.
  • Smart filters: Filter updates by a customized taxonomy that includes competitors, key executives, industries, topics of interest, and more.
  • Centralized repository: Get an overview of the global business landscape with easy-to-access market and competitive intelligence search engine.


Access complex information in AI-generated bite-sized formats derived from information related to company news, enhancements, partnerships, and many more.

  • Create factcards: Access concise, graphically represented summaries for simplified comprehension of complex data, enabling quicker decision-making.
  • Derived insights: Extract simplified insights from vast data via KIQs for streamlined comprehension and application in strategic contexts.
  • Seamless delivery: Disseminate relevant intel across teams in easily digestible formats effortlessly, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 


Leverage our customizable dashboards to create a single-source-of-truth (SSOT) that visualizes trends in your market landscape to align teams with key stakeholders.

  • Data visualization: Connect the dots with in-depth primary and secondary research rendered as compelling data visualizations.
  • Trend identification: Identify trends and patterns in competitors’ strategies by getting a unified and granular view of their activities.
  • Dedicated dashboards: Build dedicated dashboards for competitors, customers, partners, market segments and topics of interest.


Get intelligence newsletter reports and email alerts covering the most relevant updates about your competitors, customers, industries, and topics of interest.

  • Newsletter manager: Collect and curate key updates on your competitor and market landscape and share them with leadership and strategy teams within existing workflows.
  • User analytics: Analyze the performance and viewership of your newsletters. This information can help to learn what topics are consumed most by the readers.
  • Template builder: Create a brand identity in your stakeholders and customers’ minds with personalized reports of curated insights with your brand colors and logo.

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  4.5 out of 5 | Contify has been rated 4.5 out 5 (stars) on G2 by its clients

Why Contify is trusted by growing businesses

  • Access 1 Mn+ sources at your fingertips

    Stay ahead in the market and competitive landscape with access to an extensive database of sources, making the intel curation process seamless.

  • Reduce ambiguity and duplication

    Eliminate the chances of duplicacy and ambiguous information in your competitive intelligence process with a balanced process of machine learning and human efforts.

  • Get tailored information in one place

    Access a curated news feed with noise-free information to focus on relevant matters efficiently, increase productivity and reduce time on irrelevant information.

  • Noise-free information for focused insights

    Receive complex data and industry-relevant trends in bite-sized information to sift through extensive data swiftly and focus on what matters the most.

  • Create a streamlines M&CI process

    Build a structured intelligence process across your organizations and, save time on manual efforts with automated competitive intelligence from extensive sources.

  • Control who can access information

    Ensure seamless management of competitive data and insights within your teams and other stakeholders by controlling access to modules and knowledge areas.

How we simplify M&CI for you

Spend less time preparing intelligence and make more time available to support informed decisions.

  • imageSourcing - get intel that matters
    Unlock insights with our extensive crawling infrastructure that collects intel from over 1 Mn+ sources—news, corporate sites, social platforms, and more. Plus, add your own preferred sources without hassle.
    Get global intelligence coverage by tracking non-English content from thousands of sources. With intelligence auto-translated from over 100+ languages, we ensure you are fully informed on your market landscape, worldwide.
    Empower your customer-facing teams to share primary intel directly from the field—via email, Slack, or MS Teams. Capture valuable, first-hand intel from customers and prospects effortlessly.
  • image
    imageProcessing - drive strategic insights
    Organize intel according to your market landscape. Create custom tags on top of Contify’s hundreds of pre-configured standard tags. Ensure relevant intel is easily processed for tailored analysis and personalized distribution.
    Skip the unnecessary text in lengthy articles and get straight to the point. Contify's advanced AI, powered by deep learning, summarizes articles and extracts key highlights, data, and facts, freeing you to focus on analysis.
    Experience the cleanest intel with our AI-driven insights engine. Leveraging a decade's worth of data for training, Contify ensures every piece of intelligence is relevant, de-duplicated, and accurately tagged—no noise, just pure intel.
  • imageDistribution - share intelligence easily
    Share actionable intel in real-time with your stakeholders within tools they use every day. Contify integrates with Slack, MS Teams, email, and other tools so your colleagues can effortlessly access intelligence without interruptions.
    Easily set up automated alerts and create personalized newsletters with your commentary and insights on relevant updates. Create, manage, and distribute custom reports supported by user analytics to track engagement.
    Make data-driven decisions faster with visually accessible intel and auto-updating widgets for each stakeholder. Leverage pre-configured and customizable templates to create a 360° view of your competitive landscape.

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Data privacy

We are committed to protect your sensitive data and adhere to industry standards like SOC 2 and GDPR for compliance.



Integrate with enterprise tools like Slack, MS Teams, SFDC, PowerBI and API for custom integrations.


User management

Grant and control access within teams with Authentication, role-based access control, user provisioning, and single sign-on.


Dedicated support

We offer dedicated enterprise support plans with faster response times and account managers for easy resolution.


Find answers to common questions and inquiries in our comprehensive FAQ section.

  • A competitive intelligence tool like Contify helps organizations compete intelligently, get ahead, and succeed in modern digital markets. Contify’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm filters noise from unstructured web data, transforming it into actionable competitive market intelligence. This helps businesses track their competitors, industry segments, customers, and entire competitive landscape with unmatched precision. A regular stream of competitive intelligence and insights ensures that you're not just reacting to your competitors’ strategic moves but planning your own in advance.
  • Contify M&CI platform offers advanced capabilities that can be customized to fit your organizational needs and strategic objectives. It allows you to create custom key intelligence questions (KIQs) and taxonomies, add your own web sources, create and maintain stakeholder-specific dashboards, and adapt to your specific market and competitive intelligence requirements. This ensures that the insights you receive are directly relevant to your decision-making processes.
  • Contify utilizes the principles of Knowledge Graph (KG) to control the data and ensure accuracy. It uses KG to extract and connect discrete data points and uses LLMs to derive actionable insights that directly address your stakeholders’ KIQs.
  • Contify provides powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities to its users. You can create customized dashboards for your stakeholders which can include battle cards, win-loss analyses, company profiles, market landscape, word clouds, benchmarking comparisons, auto-updating knowledge graphs, and a variety of analysis widgets. These features help users visualize market trends, track competitor movements, and extract strategic insights from the aggregated data.
  • Contify integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Slack, MS Teams, and Salesforce. Additionally, the widgets that are available in Contify are embeddable and can be added to your daily tools, such as HubSpot, PowerBi, and more. This integration capability ensures that actionable intelligence is shared in real-time within the tools your teams use daily, enhancing collaboration and making it easier to act on the insights provided.
  • Typically, setting up Contify for your organization takes 2 weeks, ensuring that the platform’s scope and coverage align perfectly with your strategic objectives and it integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows. After the platform rollout, you’ll have access to our support for optimizing the platform configurations as per your developing objectives.