We’ve been working hard to elevate your Contify experience. We’ve paid close attention to how Contify can help you in your pursuit to garner timely, reliable, and organized market and competitive intelligence. We are excited to share this month’s key product updates, including Integration with GPT, New Templates, Auto-generated Dashboard Widgets, Improved Dashboards, New Permissions in User Management, and the ability to copy Newsfeed Views.

GPT Generative AI Integration

Contify is excited to announce the integration with GPT AI models in the insights extraction pipeline. Facts, Summaries, and Executive Quotes related to each update are now generated using our in-house trained traditional ML models, BERT model as well as GPT Generative AI models.

Auto-Generated Dashboard Widgets

  Dashboard widgets such as ‘company overview,’ 'key updates,' and 'topics' now auto-populate with relevant data, saving users time and effort, and providing valuable insights on specified competitors. We also have more auto-populating widgets in the pipeline, which will extensively leverage GPT integration.

User Management Improvements

Admins can now effortlessly manage various Contify platform permissions for all their users in one central place. Our user management improvements allow you to assign or revoke permissions at a user level with a simple toggle. Streamline user access control and ensure that each team member has the appropriate level of access to the platform's features and functionalities.

New Templates - Win/Loss

Users can now effortlessly monitor their deals' win/loss outcomes by leveraging Contify's Win/Loss analysis template. These new standard templates allow users to easily track and analyze the success rate of their deals, identify key patterns, and make informed business decisions.

Copy Newsfeed Views

Users can now easily share their customized newsfeed views with others. Contify’s new feature allows users to copy their newsfeed view to other user accounts. This allows users to collaborate seamlessly by sharing their insights and news filters with their team members, enhancing collaboration and saving time.

Faster Loading Speed for Dashboards

Users can now experience faster loading times for dashboards with Contify's substantial improvements in Dashboard performance. We have introduced caching for data-intensive widgets, resulting in quicker access to valuable insights. Additionally, users now have the ability to refresh widgets on demand. To further enhance user experience, we have made several UX improvements in Contify Dashboards, making it even more intuitive and user-friendly.  
  Excited about the possibilities our product enhancements can bring to your organization? Watch this demo video to learn how to use Contify to discover what’s changing in your competitive landscape. OR Try it out for yourself with a 7-day free trial of Contify and unlock a world of actionable insights.