What’s inside?

  • ‘Strategic & Product Roadmap’ section to help you identify threats and opportunities in your competitors’ roadmap.
  • ‘SWOT Analysis’ section to help you reinforce your strengths, exploit competitors’ weaknesses, mitigate threats, and capitalize on opportunities.
  • ‘Competitive Environment’ section to help you understand the broader context in which your competitors operate and how this may impact your business.
  • ‘Competitor’s Overview’ section with factors to analyze competitors’ business scale and operations to assess and improve your own.
  • ‘Product Analysis’ section including ‘Key differentiators’ and ‘Pricing analysis’ to define your product positioning and pricing. 
  • ‘GTM Strategy’ section including ‘Positioning’ and ‘Claims’, to help refine your target market and better develop a better value proposition.

Our template can help you:

  • Understand the market and competitive landscape and define your unique value proposition.
  • Benchmark your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors and reveal opportunities for competitive advantage.
  • Gain insights into how your competitors are trying to provide value to your target buyers.