Case Study

Market Intelligence Platform Enabling A Safety Equipment Firm To Identify New Revenue Opportunities

Learn how Contify’s Market Intelligence platform helped a safety equipment manufacturer’s sales team track new opportunities through daily alerts

Business Challenge

A renowned safety equipment manufacturer relied on its centralized marketing team to provide leads to sales team across territories. The sales team often complained of missing opportunities on large projects by government or private companies in their assigned territories because they did not get that information from marketing. As a result, the company was losing out on revenue by not pitching for the supply of safety goods on those projects.

The Solution

The client approached Contify for a market intelligence solution that could directly inform their sales teams about new facility openings or projects coming up in their territory. Contify used its market intelligence platform to develop a solution that gathered information from online sources on new opportunities and delivered daily email alerts to the sales teams. For creating these alerts, we tracked announcements of:

  • New facility opening or addition of headcount at existing facilities by companies
  • Changes in the safety code for buildings can trigger new sales to existing customers
  • Residential and commercial projects by real estate developers. Accidents due to fire or lack of safety norms
  • Tender notices for procurement of safety equipment by public and private enterprises
  • New unit set-up or expansion of production capacities by factories and manufacturing units
  • New development or expansion of existing public infrastructure by central and state governments

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Contify’s opportunity alerts helped the client to stay on top of opportunities across territories in addition to the leads provided by marketing. Within the first month using Contify, the client was able to identify and pitch for opportunities worth $5 million, which otherwise would have been missed.

By the Numbers

  • 5Million

    Worth of opportunities identified in the first month