Managing Supplier Risk for a $2B Manufacturer of Crop Protection Solutions

Business Challenge

The South-Asian arm of a global leader in crop protection solutions was managing procurement of raw materials for production from over 1600 suppliers across China, India, Brazil and 18 other countries. Production schedules were dependent on supplier health and negative events such as bankruptcy, litigation or regulatory fines could hamper the whole production line. The company wanted an online platform to monitor risk events for its suppliers in real-time and notify plant managers and location heads across countries.

Contify's Solution

The client approached Contify to develop a centralized Market and Competitive Intelligence solution which could track all their suppliers, organized by classification type (intermediates, packaging, etc.). Contify configured a multi-lingual platform to track suppliers across geographies, with the ability to notify plant managers of events that could get impacted by negative events on a supplier.

  • Configured a custom white-labelled platform with taxonomy mapped against supplier classification
  • Identified sources for negative news on suppliers — news and regulatory websites, legal search engines
  • Sourced information from across geographies in local languages and created a translated copy in English
  • Created a risk dashboard for plant managers by mapping corresponding suppliers
  • Set up alerts for real-time notifications on negative news on suppliers
  • Developed concise monthly round-up reports on supplier risk events


There were two big challenges in addressing this problem. First, most of the companies were not actively covered in media and finding information on them required custom sourcing with industry knowledge. Secondly, information in languages posed a problem which we addressed with manual curation in various language on top of the platform.


Contify’s alerts helped the plant managers to stay abreast with the risk associated with their suppliers and act quickly in case of a negative event. In 3 months, Contify delivered more than 41 high risk alerts on suppliers which could have significantly impacted production.

By the Numbers

  • 41

    High risk alerts delivered over three months