Use cases

  • Track competitor’s marketing collateral

    Monitor competitors’ marketing collaterals, such as news, blogs, reports, etc., and website content changes to keep track of their positioning, and promotional tactics.

  • Monitor competitor’s market positioning

    Monitor competitors' market positioning to understand their strategic focus and position your brand based on identified strengths and opportunities.

  • Track event and industry conferences

    Monitor key industry events and competitor participations, to capture essential highlights to stay informed about competitor’s strategic movements and critical announcements.

  • Track thought leadership updates

    Track podcasts, media mentions and articles, and the social media presence of your competitor’s key executives and industry thought leaders.

  • Track competitor’s customer reviews

    Track competitor’s customer feedback from customer review sites and discussion forums, and leverage it to highlight your unique features and identify weaknesses.

  • Monitor awards and recognition

    Keep a check on competitors’ mentions for awards and recognition to understand their strength areas and identify your key improvement areas for strategic planning.

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Insights to define positioning

Dissect competitors’ positioning and value propositions, providing clear insights into their differentiating points allowing you to define your unique strengths and positioning.


Enhanced brand messaging

Fine-tune marketing communications based on insights collected on industry trends and competitor messaging to communicate unique value propositions to your prospects.


Optimized marketing strategy

Craft effective marketing strategies with relevant insights on market trends and competitors coverage, ensuring that marketing efforts reach and engage the intended audience.


Accelerated response

Quickly identify changes in market conditions and competitor strategies to make faster decisions and respond immediately to opportunities or threats.