Use cases

  • Conduct product feature benchmarking

    Track competitors’ product developments and feature updates and benchmark your products against them to identify opportunities, define product positioning.

  • Track competitor's website changes

    Monitor changes on competitors' websites to analyze their new features, product positioning, and pricing changes to optimize your strategy.

  • Track integrations and partnership updates

    Keep track of your competitor’s new integrations and partnerships to analyze their business priorities and evolving capabilities.

  • Monitor competitor's patent filings

    Monitor new patents filed by competitors to get early signals about possible new product features or technology that could create new opportunities.

  • Track competitor's product demos

    Track competitors' product demos to understand their product positioning, functionality, user interface, and unique offerings to identify gaps and opportunities.

  • Regulatory compliance monitoring

    Track regulatory changes and compliance standards that might impact product design and marketability, ensuring that your products meet all legal requirements.

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Informed product

Upgrade your product roadmaps by understanding your market and competitive landscape, prioritizing product development initiatives that align with strategic business goals.


Enriched competitive insights

Get a 360-degree view of your competitive landscape and support strategic decisions about product differentiation and market positioning based on competitor movements.


Effective product strategy

Develop intelligence-led product strategies with insights based on KIQs and auto-updating dashboards, enhancing your business outcomes and reducing time to market.


Seamless collaboration

Make cross-functional information sharing on market and competitive landscape seamless with newsletters easily integrated with existing tools like Slack, MS Teams, etc.