Use cases

  • Competitor monitoring & insights

    Closely monitor competitors’ new offerings, pricing changes, marketing campaigns, and partnerships to identify gaps, respond to competitive threats, and capitalize on opportunities.

  • Thematic industry intelligence

    Track and analyze thematic intel across multiple sectors and industries to gain the contextual knowledge to identify critical issues, anticipate client needs, and develop innovative solutions.

  • Key thought leadership analysis

    Track the latest publications, speaking engagements, media mentions, and social media presence of your competitor’s key executives and industry thought leaders to optimize your own thought leadership.

  • Job postings and hiring tracking

    Track and monitor competitors' job postings and hiring patterns to identify their current strategic focus, as well as talent movements in the industry to recruit skilled executives for your organization.

  • Regulatory compliance tracking

    Stay abreast of the latest changes in regulations, industry guidelines, and compliances that impact the consulting sector to mitigate legal and reputational risks and maintain credibility.

  • Key client account monitoring

    Monitor your clients’ market landscapes to gain insights into their business context, strategic priorities, and pain points to tailor your services to their emerging needs and evolving requirements.

  • Negative coverage monitoring

    Continuously monitor potential threats such as negative media coverage, cybersecurity incidents, or compliance breaches affecting clients, competitors, or partners to mitigate risk.

  • Potential opportunity tracking

    Track signals of change within the industries you serve to spot new market opportunities, untapped client segments, and innovative service offerings that can drive growth and differentiation.

  • Digital presence benchmarking

    Track and benchmark your digital presence against key competitors across various online channels to gain an understanding of your firm's digital positioning and reputation in the market.

image Ratings

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Enhanced research efficiency

Tailor your intelligence feed with Contify's taxonomy builder and custom sources, ensuring you solely get focused information that supports your firm's objectives.


Comprehensive market visibility

Utilize intuitive dashboards to gain a deep, data-driven understanding of complex industry trends and competitors’ moves, and make informed strategic decisions.


Insight-driven decision-making

Leverage Contify Insights to answer your key intelligence questions about your market and competitive landscape, enriching your strategies with data-backed insights.


Proactive market monitoring

Maintain a real-time pulse on your industry with relevant intel delivered via global and curated newsfeeds, equipping your firm to navigate the landscape with agility.


Unified collaboration & alignment

Keep your stakeholders aligned and informed on the latest industry developments and competitor activities using easy-to-create intelligence newsletters and reports.


Centralized intelligence hub

Consolidate primary and secondary research, historical data, and other critical intelligence documents in one intuitive platform for easy access and efficient analysis.