Use cases

  • Competitor monitoring & insights

    Monitor your competitor’s move by keeping a tab on the latest updates sourced from industry-specific sources, scientific reports etc.

  • Clinical trials & disease area monitoring

    Strategize your product launches by monitoring new clinical studies, identifying updated statuses of existing clinical trials, and analyzing disease areas.

  • Product development tracking

    Track product approvals, application status, and guidelines of competitor’s products to strategize your plan for new product developments.

  • Disease management guidelines

    Stay updated with the latest guidelines issued by regulatory bodies and governments for disease management and create a well-designed plan.

  • Government schemes tracking

    Track and stay updated with the latest health-related schemes and government awareness programs and identify the unmet needs.

  • Competitor product benchmarking

    Draw a strategic comparison between you and your competitor’s product to analyze the drawbacks strengths and weaknesses of your product.

  • Healthcare associations monitoring

    Keep a tab on latest schemes by healthcare groups and associations to identify the preferences and problem statements of patients.

  • Key opinion leaders monitoring

    Track statements by top physicians and healthcare professionals on the latest drug developments and implement to create an efficient product blueprint.

  • Patent monitoring and insights

    Access intel on new patents, existing patents, and patent expiration details to strategically plan an effective product development roadmap.

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Understand market landscape

Go beyond the traditional research reports and take the first mover advantage with extensive data of content sources in one place. Leverage advanced competitive intelligence to swiftly identify and seize market opportunities.


Competitor analysis

Uplevel your M&CI process with an elevated system of extracting and processing information. By automating, you can monitor competitors’ product portfolios, pipeline intelligence, clinical trials, etc. to benchmark yourself against competitor’s products.


Regulatory compliance

Efficiently monitor regulatory updates and compliance changes across the industry. Leverage our automated M&CI solution to monitor competitor’s involvement with regulatory bodies, track new regulations, and analyze their potential impact.


Navigate intellectual property landscape

Keep a tab on competitor patent filings, identify potential infringement risks, seize potential licensing opportunities, and analyze patent expiration dates to enable efficient decision-making related to product development and patent portfolio management.


Track clinical trials

Switch from public databases and clinical trial registries to timely insights and strategic intelligence. Track competitor’s trials, trial protocols and outcomes, patient recruitment strategies etc., to identify gaps and make informed decisions.


Identify potential partnerships

Build strategic relations with potential partners and identify licensing opportunities by monitoring competitor collaborations, analyzing licensing agreements, and tracking emerging technologies or assets in the market.