Adding Primary Intelligence to Contify via Email, Slack and MS Teams

Article by Malay Mehrotra 4 min read

Contify continually aims to simplify the collection, organization, and distribution of vital market and competitive insights for its users. One of the platform's innovative features enable users to add primary intelligence directly through email, Slack and MS Teams.

This feature seamlessly integrates primary intelligence with Contify's existing repository of secondary intelligence, providing a centralized solution for all intelligence needs.

In this blog, we'll discuss how the feature works with both email, Slack and MS Teams, and why it is a valuable and nifty feature for intelligence professionals to collect primary intelligence leveraging their customer-facing teams.

Adding Primary Intelligence via Email

The addition of primary intelligence via email to Contify is a simple process, enabling users to seamlessly integrate insights from primary intelligence directly into their market and competitive intelligence platform.

All users need to do is send an email with the information to ‘’. Contify looks at the sender’s email address and adds the intelligence directly to the respective users’ platform. A new update is created with the following components:

- Email Subject becomes the Title of the Insight

The subject line of the email is utilized as the title of the added primary intelligence story. This ensures that the key focus or theme of the intelligence is immediately clear and enables users to quickly identify the contents.

- Email Body becomes the body of the Insight

The content within the email's body is transformed into the introduction or summary of the story. This is a concise overview that provides readers with the essential context, main points, or findings of the primary intelligence, offering a snapshot of the information contained within.

- Email Attachment becomes Insight's Supporting Documents

Any files or documents attached to the email are included as attachments to the intelligence story. These can be essential in providing additional detail, evidence, or supporting material that complements the core intelligence.

Whether graphs, PDFs, spreadsheets, or images, these attachments can enrich the content and provide a more holistic view of the intelligence.

After the email content is added as the insight (primary intelligence), it becomes a part of the regular Contify newsfeed. For example, users can comment on it, share via email, add it to the newsletter, etc.

Adding Primary Intelligence via Slack

Integrating Contify with Slack offers businesses a new channel to infuse real-time insights into their intelligence platform.

- Direct Integration

Contify can be linked with specific Slack channels, enabling users to add insights directly from their daily conversations and observations. Whether it's a market trend or a competitor's move, it can be captured effortlessly.

- Collaborative Intelligence Building

By integrating Slack with Contify, teams can collaborate and contribute insights in a shared environment. This fosters a culture of intelligence-sharing and ensures that insights are easily accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

Adding Primary Intelligence via MS Teams

The Contify platform seamlessly integrates with MS Teams and enables you to share intelligence/updates between the two platforms. To share updates from Contify to MS Teams, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the share icon on the news card

2. Choose "MS Teams."

3. Click "Share update" after selecting the desired Team and Channel.

Sharing to MS Teams will require you to set up a one-time connection between Contify and MS Teams, which will involve the following steps:

1. Access the Contify platform and click on your initials.

2. Choose "Settings."

3. Scroll down and select "Connect to MS Teams."

4. Log in to your Microsoft account when prompted.

5. You'll be redirected to Contify with MS Teams now connected.

This integration allows you to enhance internal collaboration and keep everyone on the same page without switching between platforms. Plus, it eliminates time and effort spent in manually transferring data between systems while reducing the risk of information loss or miscommunication.

A Centralized Repository for Primary and Secondary Intelligence

The ability to add primary intelligence through email and Slack is just one facet of Contify's comprehensive market and competitive intelligence solution. By combining primary and secondary intelligence, Contify becomes a centralized repository for all intelligence needs.

Primary Intelligence: Integrate real-time insights from various stakeholders, including sales, growth teams, or other specialized users. All employees of the organization can contribute if their email domain matches an existing Contify account.

Secondary Intelligence: Contify continuously collects, organizes, and analyzes data from various public sources, ensuring that users have a single-source-of-truth with a 360-degree view of their market and competitive landscape.

Synergy between Primary and Secondary Intelligence: By uniting primary and secondary intelligence, Contify offers an unprecedented view of the market. Users benefit from the unique insights drawn from personal experiences, combined with data-driven insights.


The feature of adding primary intelligence via email and Slack illustrates Contify's commitment to innovation and user-centric design. It streamlines the process of collecting diverse market insights, enabling businesses to react swiftly to emerging trends and opportunities.

By acting as a centralized repository for both primary and secondary intelligence, Contify empowers its users to leverage the full spectrum of market knowledge.

Explore the power of Contify today and redefine the way you gather, analyze, and utilize market intelligence. Take a 7-day free trial.

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