Contify 2023 Round-Up: A Year of Innovations and Enhancements

Article by Malay Mehrotra 8 min read

As we reflect on 2023, it's clear that it was a period of significant growth and innovation for Contify. We dedicated ourselves to enhancing our competitive intelligence platform to serve our users' needs, making strides in functionality, integration, user experience, and more.

Our commitment to delivering a superior product has resulted in numerous updates and features designed to empower businesses with the most efficient and insightful competitive intelligence solutions.

This blog will guide you through the key enhancements and new features we introduced in 2023, highlighting how they contribute to a more robust, insightful, and user-friendly competitive intelligence experience.

Whether you're a long-time user of Contify or considering it for your organization, this roundup will offer valuable insights into how our platform can support and drive your business strategies and decisions.

Key Enhancements and Features in 2023

In 2023, Contify introduced several significant enhancements and features designed to streamline your competitive intelligence processes and ensure you have the most relevant and actionable insights at your fingertips. Here's a closer look at these transformative updates:

New Smart Filters: Business Events, Themes, & People

New Smart Filters

- Business Events & Themes: Dive deeper into industry-specific developments and overarching business themes with our newly introduced categories. These filters are designed to sharpen your focus on key intelligence topics, ensuring you're always aware of the trends and events shaping your industry.

- People: Stay informed about key industry personalities, thought leaders, and influencers with enhanced people recognition. Our advanced Machine Learning models provide top-tier accuracy in identifying and tracking influential figures, ensuring you're always in the loop on their impact and insights.

Generative AI-Based Insight Extraction

Facts Quotes Summary

Integrating GPT AI models into the insights extraction pipeline enables the Contify platform to pull out nuanced details such as Facts, Summaries, and Executive Quotes within updates with greater accuracy and depth.

By automating the extraction of critical information, users save significant time that would otherwise be spent manually sifting through updates to identify key points.

Auto-Populating Dashboard Widgets

Auto Populating Dashboard Widgets

Enhance your dashboard's utility with widgets like Company Overview, Key Updates, and Topics that auto-populate with relevant data leveraging GPT integration. This not only saves time and effort but also provides instant, valuable insights into your specified competitors.

With more auto-populating widgets in the pipeline, your dashboard will become an even more powerful tool for timely intelligence.

New Templates - Win/Loss Analysis

New Templates Win Loss Analysis

Monitor and analyze the outcomes of your deals with ease using Contify's new Win/Loss analysis template. These standard templates allow users to track the success rate of deals, identify patterns, and make informed decisions, all aimed at enhancing your competitive edge and business strategy.

Streamlined Bulk Import: Global to Curated Newsfeed

Bulk Import

Effortlessly transfer critical updates directly from the expansive Global Newsfeed to your Curated Newsfeed. This feature ensures that no critical market or competitive landscape change slips through the cracks, even if it falls outside your predefined taxonomy.



In 2023, we focused on integrating Contify with key platforms to streamline your workflow and ensure that competitive insights are always at your fingertips. Here's how we've expanded our integration capabilities:

1. Email Integration

Email Integration

- Effortless Intelligence Sharing: Add primary intelligence from customer-facing teams into the Contify platform by simply sending an email. The subject becomes the title, and the email body becomes the summary.

- Rich Content Integration: Attach graphs, PDFs, spreadsheets, or images directly to your emails to enrich your updates.

- Direct Inbox Delivery: Receive automated, tailored market insights and competitor updates straight to your inbox, ensuring you're always in the loop.

2. Slack Integration

Slack Integration

- Continuous Updates: Share and receive updates to and from Slack, ensuring your teams never miss critical competitor moves or market developments.

- Channel-specific Sharing: Distribute insights from the Contify platform to relevant Slack channels, fostering timely discussions and strategic decisions.

- Ingest Insights: Import relevant insights from your Slack message threads into the Contify platform as primary intelligence, adding context for better understanding and collaboration.

3. MS Teams Integration

Ms Teams Integration

- Streamlined Collaboration: Share intelligence and updates from Contify directly to the desired teams and channels in MS Teams. Keep everyone informed and aligned without the need to switch between platforms.

- Efficiency and Accuracy: Eliminate the time and effort spent manually transferring data between systems and reduce the risk of information loss or miscommunication. Enhance internal collaboration and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

4. Contify’s Native Integration with SFDC


- Direct Access within SFDC: Contify now integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. Users can access Contify directly through the SFDC platform using single-sign-on (SSO), bringing actionable competitive insights right to where you manage customer relationships.

- Empowering Sales Teams: This integration is designed to keep sales teams within a single platform, providing a direct avenue to correlate deal information with competitive insights and enhancing strategy and customer engagement without switching contexts.

User Experience Improvements

In 2023, we’ve also focused on making our platform more intuitive, faster, and helpful, ensuring that every interaction is smooth and productive. Here’s how we’ve upgraded your experience:

Contify Help Center

We've transformed our Help Center into a more interactive and supportive space. Whether you're new to Contify or a seasoned user, the revamped Help Center provides immediate access to a wealth of resources within the platform.

With detailed articles, step-by-step guides, and video tutorials, users can quickly onboard or dive deep into advanced features, ensuring a smoother journey through the platform’s capabilities.

Newsletter NPS

Newsletter Nps

Users can now enable the Newsletter Rating before sending a newsletter from Contify to their target audience. This feature allows for feedback through a rating system, providing a mechanism for users to express their satisfaction or suggest improvements, helping you understand how users engage with and perceive the value of the newsletter content.

Icon Picker in Dashboards

Icon Picker

Personalize your dashboards like never before. Our new Icon Picker lets you add intuitive, preset icons to your dashboards, enhancing recognition and navigation. This small but impactful touch means quicker understanding and an aesthetically pleasing user interface tailored to your preferences.

Identify Paid/Require Login Sources

Identify Paid Require Login Sources

We've introduced a visual identifier for paid or subscription-required sources to streamline your research process. A distinct red lock icon now marks these sources, enabling users to quickly recognize and decide if they wish to access content behind paywalls or prefer to consult alternative, freely available resources.

User Management Improvements

User Management Improvements

Admins can now effortlessly manage various Contify platform permissions for all users in one central place. Our user management improvements allow you to assign or revoke permissions at a user level with a simple toggle.

Streamline user access control and ensure each team member has the appropriate level of access to the platform's features and functionalities.

Faster Loading Speed for Dashboards

We’ve significantly boosted the performance of Contify dashboards. With caching for data-intensive widgets and on-demand widget refresh options, users now enjoy faster loading times and quicker access to insights.

Additional UX improvements make navigation more intuitive, ensuring that you spend less time waiting and more time analyzing.

Enhanced Mobile Usability

Understanding the need for on-the-go intelligence, we've enhanced mobile usability to ensure you can curate your newsfeed from anywhere.

Now, users can publish or reject updates and edit titles or summaries directly from their mobile devices, promoting effective collaboration and continuous intelligence no matter where they are.


From fine-tuning user experience to expanding our integration capabilities, we've ensured that Contify remains not just a tool but a vital extension of your business strategy.

Our feature updates, and enhancements in user experience, coupled with robust integrations like Slack, MS Teams, SFDC, and Email, signify our dedication to making competitive intelligence more accessible, collaborative, and impactful.

As we look ahead, we're excited to continue this momentum and further elevate your competitive intelligence journey. We invite you to explore these updates and discover how they can transform your approach to market and competitor analysis.

To experience the power of Contify firsthand, we encourage you to take advantage of our 7-day free trial. Immerse yourself in advanced competitive intelligence and see the difference it can make in your strategic decision-making.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to a future of continued growth, innovation, and success with Contify.

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