Contify Unveils New AI-Enhanced Categories: Business Events, Themes, and Executives

Article by Malay Mehrotra 3 min read

Contify has taken another significant step in refining the intelligence collection process. We have launched three new categories, ensuring that businesses are equipped with accurately categorized market intelligence updates.

When utilized together, these categories allow enterprises to deep dive and understand the market pulse, recognize overarching trends, and identify the influential people driving the change. It's not just about individual categories, but the collective efficiency they bring when combined.

A Deep Dive into the New Categories

Business Events: This category captures and organizes key actions taken by organizations. Be it a product launch, feature enhancements, partnerships, or participation in marketing events, Contify ensures that customers are always on top of the key business events in their competitive landscape.

Themes: The Themes category provides insights into overarching market trends and narratives such as ESG, D2C, Fintech. By enabling users to track and understand industry-specific shifts and evolutions, this category proves invaluable for strategists and decision-makers.

Executives: The significant influence of key executives and thought leaders in shaping industries cannot be understated. Contify’s People category lets users monitor these influential figures, collating their interviews, quotes, and insights from various platforms.

Business Events Themes And People

The AI Behind the Scenes

The inclusion of these categories hasn't come out of the blue. Contify’s consistent effort in integrating AI into intelligence collection and analysis has led to this enhancement.

Custom-trained Neural Network-based Machine Learning models, combined with the expansive dataset at Contify, enable the platform to sift through and categorize millions of updates daily.

Moreover, the platform's use of Large Language Models facilitates tasks like summarizing and extracting key facts from aggregated updates. This AI-driven approach is not the end but just the beginning of a series of planned advancements.

Insights from Contify’s Leaders

Mohit Bhakuni, CEO of Contify, shed light on the broader vision behind this update, stating, "In the current market dynamics, a broad overview is simply not sufficient. Our goal with these new categories is to ensure businesses have access to detailed, segmented, and highly-specific updates, enabling them to strategize with absolute precision."

Devashish Shrivastava, Product Manager at Contify, added, “The addition of business events and themes enable granular categorization of updates. Coupled with our capability to spotlight key figures, this release significantly amplifies how our customers can deep dive into the intelligence we offer to them.”

As businesses strive to navigate an increasingly complex market landscape, the need for precise, actionable insights grows paramount. Contify’s latest features come as a response to this need, fulfilling it with enriched and comprehensive intelligence gathering.

For a full list of Business Events and Themes, visit this link on our website

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