YouTube has become a cornerstone of information dissemination in the modern world. It offers a diverse range of content, from CEO interviews and panel discussions to product launches and customer reviews. While YouTube is a goldmine of strategic information, extracting insights from this rich reservoir of intelligence can be a daunting task. The manual process of watching videos, understanding the context, and documenting insights is time-consuming and inefficient for competitive intelligence (CI) professionals. To address this challenge, Contify has introduced the YouTube video transcription feature, transforming video content into textual format that can be easily searched and analyzed.

Unlocking the potential of YouTube for competitive intelligence


By transcribing YouTube video content into text, Contify’s YouTube transcription feature transforms hours of video into easily digestible, ready-to-consume insights. This text transcript is processed by the Contify’s AI-based insights extraction engine. It not only helps in saving valuable time but also aids in the precise extraction of data and insights, facilitating better decision-making and strategy formulation.


Transcription enables analysis and searchability


One of the most innovative aspects of Contify’s YouTube transcription feature is its ability to transform YouTube video’s content into text that’s searchable with Contify’s advanced search. This makes every nugget of information from YouTube videos accessible and easily discoverable.

What does this mean for Competitive Intelligence professionals? It means an end to the painstaking process of skimming through numerous videos, trying to find relevant information. Instead, the transcribed content is available to users right on the story card in a click of a button.

Want to find a specific piece of data, a quote, or a mention of your organization? Just type your keywords into Contify’s advanced search, and let the platform do the work.

The Bigger Picture: Towards a Comprehensive CI Program


This function, combined with Contify’s broad sourcing from YouTube and our focus on eliminating gaps in information, brings us one step closer to the ultimate goal: providing an all-encompassing, effortless solution for market and competitive intelligence.

In this digital age, every piece of content matters. With Contify’s YouTube transcription feature, we ensure that you never miss a beat in your competitive landscape.

Discover the power of truly comprehensive market and competitive intelligence today, take a 7-day free trial of the Contify platform.