Here’s What’s New With Contify’s Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform – April 2024

Article by Shashank Gupta 4 min read

At Contify, we are dedicated to continuous innovation to provide a seamless user experience.

In April 2024, we launched our latest GenAI-based offering, Contify Insights, and made several product enhancements to simplify your M&CI process.

The main highlights in this edition include:

1. Introducing Contify Insights
2. Availability of Archive Data Extended to 2 Years
3. Enhanced Language Translation
4. Share Dashboards Via Email
5. Share Individual Dashboard Widgets
6. Extraction and Summarization of PDFs
7. UI/UX Improvements on Dashboards

Introducing Contify Insights


We have recently launched Contify Insights, a revolutionary upgrade in our M&CI platform. Powered by GenAI, it empowers users to gather and analyze intelligence. It will reduce the manual efforts of skimming through a large volume of information to derive specific updates. The Insights feature enables users to access information in a clear, concise, and structured format, making it easy to understand and utilize critical insights. This feature will enable you to ask key intelligence questions and receive an accurate response. The Insights are designed for accuracy by connecting the factual information stored in custom knowledge grapes and the natural language capabilities of LLMs.

This innovative approach is designed to control the limitations of GenAI, such as generating false information (hallucinations), lack of clear explanations for its findings (attributions), and missing data (coverage gaps).

The feature will allow you to customize prompts, ensuring the extracted information is aligned with your intelligence questions.

Learn more about Contify Insights here.

Availability of Archive Data Extended to 2 Years

Archival Data

We have made a significant leap forward by scaling our technology infrastructure to offer extended Archive data on Contify by 4x, extending it from 6 months to 2 years. This enhancement will allow you to retrieve information from the past 24 months on the Contify platform Global Newsfeed and News API.

Enhanced Language Translation

Inhouse Language Translation

One of the most important features that have expanded our intelligence coverage is the introduction of in-house translation models. You can track the global footprint of your competitors in non-English languages. This new capability is powered by a machine learning model that enables automated translation from over 42+ languages to English. The best part is that functionality is available to all users of Contify at no additional cost.

Share Dashboards Via Email

Shareable Dashboard

We’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to share your Contify dashboards via email. This feature makes it seamless to distribute intelligence in your dashboards, including reports and widgets, with colleagues and business partners.

Share Individual Dashboard Widgets

Links To Widgets 2

Contify now allows you to share links to individual dashboard widgets. This update empowers you to collaborate and analyze data more effectively within Contify. You can share targeted insights with colleagues by linking directly to individual widgets. You can also create inter-linked dashboards by referencing widgets across different boards.

Extraction and Summarization of Content from PDFs

Add Pdf Links

Contify can now analyze and parse PDF documents as well as links containing PDFs. It will automatically generate relevant titles and leads, and summarize the key points of the document. This lets you easily understand and utilize the information in PDFs for further analysis.

New UI/UX Improvements on Dashboards


We have made significant advancements to our dashboards to make them more intuitive and user-friendly. For example, the left panel now provides quick access to view and edit your workspace, streamlining your workflow. There is improved default settings and the ability to make granular adjustments to widget placement to create a cleaner, organized dashboards for comprehensive analysis.


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