Here’s What’s New With Contify’s Market Intelligence Platform – December 2022

Article by Devashish Shrivastava 3 min read

Make the most of Contify’s Market Intelligence Solution — the latest features and enhancements.

Welcome to our December Product Updates newsletter!

Our team has a slew of great product updates this month that are aimed at enhancing your Contify platform experience. We are thrilled to introduce three key updates which focus on customizing, formatting, and styling your dashboards for better functionality and ease of access.

Outcome-specific and custom templates

Outcome Specific And Custom Templates

Contify’s dashboards now offer preset templates to instantly create widgets for specific outcomes such as competitive benchmarking, SWOT analyses, company profiles, and more. In addition, you can also create new custom templates from the ground up. This feature will help you quickly create common reports and documents using standard widgets. Read more →

Create new widgets by copying an existing widget

Create New Widgets By Copying An Existing Widget

You can now create a new widget by copying an existing widget present on your dashboards. This feature allows you to create multiple widgets with consistent formatting and styling without having to start afresh each time.

Custom chart colors

Custom colors can now also be used while creating charts to easily incorporate your brand colors in your dashboards.

View our complete list of product updates in December.


Contify introduces native integration with Slack for users to enable sharing of competitive insights across their organizations

Slack Press Release

Contify recently announced its Slack integration that will allow users to collaborate without leaving their preferred communications platform while also providing a centralized hub to access and manage all of their market and competitive intelligence. Read the Press Release →

One of the lesser-known and most powerful features of Contify that helps users to contextualize competitive intelligence

One Of The Lesser Known And Most Powerful Features Of Contify That Helps Users To Contextualize Competitive Intelligence

Read about Contify’s 'Edit Updates’ feature which allows users to directly edit updates in the Contify Newsfeed to add context and insights. The feature is designed for users to transform aggregated information into personalized intelligence by adding context for specific stakeholders in the organization. Read the Blog →

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