Here’s What’s New With Contify’s Market Intelligence platform – July 2021

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Make the most of Contify’s Market Intelligence Solution — the latest features and enhancements.

In this edition of Contify’s Product Updates Newsletter, we’re excited to share the major upgrades and improvements we’ve made to the Contify, market intelligence platform in July. Drumroll, please!

Over the past month, we've added new features as well as made improvements to the overall user experience of the Contify Platform. Main highlights in this edition include updates to the Contify’s mobile experience, newsletter manager, and integration with Zapier.

Product Updates

1. New and Improved Mobile Experience With Additional Core Features for Greater Efficiency

New And Improved Mobile Experience With Additional Core Features For Greater Efficiency

After the launch of Contify’s new mobile experience with advanced features in February 2020, there have been several updates to give the interface more clarity and better functionality. These include updates that allow users to view a story's analysis (facts, quotes, summary), report issues, add a rating, view story change logs and share updates via email. The aim is to provide a mobile experience as effective and functional as the desktop experience.

2. Personalize and Brand Your Newsletters Using Analyst Signature for Improved Client Experience

Personalize And Brand Your Newsletters Using Analyst Signature For Improved Client Experience

The new ‘Analyst Signature’ feature allows the analysts who curated the newsletter to add a signature that includes their name, phone number and email address and an optional profile picture. The analyst signature can also be styled using different font sizes and/or colors in the Template Builder. A simple update, but a real winner, as a signature can be a stamp of approval and quality for your clients, especially if it comes from someone they trust.

3. Unlock and Unify Data Easily and Securely Between Contify and Other Apps, via Zapier

Unlock And Unify Data Easily And Securely Between Contify And Other Apps Via Zapier

Integrate personalized intelligence on your competitors, customers and industry segments right into your apps, via Zapier. Contify launched its integration with Zapier this month, which lets you connect Contify with apps like Slack, so you can share intelligence within those applications that your users use regularly. For example, it can notify you whenever there's a new update available for your Saved Searches.

Marketing Updates

1. Prepare for the Future by Harnessing Scenario Planning to Build Competitive Tracking Systems

Prepare For The Future By Harnessing Scenario Planning To Build Competitive Tracking Systems

Watch the recording of our webinar - “Preparing for the Future: Building Competitive Tracking Systems Based on Scenario Planning”, that took place on 26 May 2021. In this joint webinar moderated by Cam Mackey, the Executive Director of SCIP, the speakers were Mohit Bhakuni - CEO of Contify and Erik Glitman - CEO of Fletcher/CSI, along with Meena Almaula - Consultant at Tata Business Excellence Group. The webinar revolves around how organizations can combine scenario planning and market intelligence to prepare for multiple likely scenarios in the future.

2. Learn How Artificial Intelligence is the Secret to a Successful Market and Competitive Intelligence Program

Learn How Artificial Intelligence Is The Secret To A Successful Market And Competitive Intelligence Program

Watch the recording of our webinar - “Industry Knowledge and AI: The Secret to a Successful Market and Competitive Intelligence Program”, that took place on 14 April 2021. In this joint webinar between Contify and Evalueserve, Mohit Bhakuni - CEO, Contify and Rigvinath Chevala - CTO, Evalueserve, discuss how digital technologies - especially AI - can help businesses become leaner and more efficient while driving a successful market and competitive intelligence process. Watch Webinar →

3. Read How Augmented Intelligence is the Future of AI in Market and Competitive Intelligence

Read How Augmented Intelligence Is The Future Of Ai In Market And Competitive Intelligence

This blog by Contify CEO, Mohit Bhakuni discusses how Artificial Intelligence needs to be leveraged alongside Human Intelligence in order to deliver the greatest value. Augmented Intelligence offers the best of both worlds and is the future of a number of organizational processes, including market and competitive intelligence. Read Blog →

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