Here’s What’s New With Contify’s Market Intelligence Platform – March 2023

Article by Devashish Shrivastava 3 min read

We’ve been working hard to elevate your Contify experience. We’ve paid close attention to how Contify can help you in your pursuit to garner timely, reliable, and organized market and competitive intelligence. We are excited to share the following key product updates that include Contify’s integration with SFDC, Global Newsfeed Story Analysis, and, much more!

Contify’s native integration with SFDC connects CI with CRM


Exciting news! Contify is now integrated with Salesforce. Users can directly access Contify through the SFDC platform via SSO (single-sign-on) and get actionable competitive insights within time. The move is aimed at enabling Sales teams to remain in a single platform and gain a ready avenue to map deal information with competitive insights.

Enhanced mobile usability including newsfeed self-curation

Enhanced Mobile Usability Including Newsfeed Self Curation

Users now have more control to curate their newsfeeds. Users can now Publish or Reject any update directly from their mobiles. The functionality also allows them to tailor the update as they wish and edit the title or summary of an article right from their mobiles. The idea is to help users have easier collaboration through devices that they frequently use.

Retrieve the exact source by searching a URL directly

Retrieve The Exact Source By Searching A Url Directly

Users often prefer a particular set of sources because of authenticity or familiarity or mere choice. They can now retrieve the update they are looking for by directly entering the entire URL in the search bar on the Contify platform. This assures them of the scope of sources covered by Contify and grants them a much faster way to access an update.

Improved deduplication produces a cleaner newsfeed

Users will see a cleaner newsfeed as we have enhanced our deduplication algorithms. We carefully studied patterns behind the occurrence of multiple stories with similar content including frequency and headline variation. We applied these insights to finetune our similarity detection algorithms so that users see the stories they are interested in only once and in time.

AI-powered news story analysis in Global Newsfeed

Global Newsfeed Summary

Each news story in Contify’s Global Newsfeed is now accompanied by ML-powered analysis. Users can view concise summaries, key facts, and quotes for each update. The much-desired feature of the Curated Newsfeed module is now extended into the Global Newsfeed to help users swiftly derive insights from a wider net of sources. The enhancement relies on ML-model-DistilBert’s prowess in understanding context and considering the entire narrative of the story.

Newsletter NPS - Get clear visibility about your newsletter’s engagement


Users can now enable the Newsletter Rating before sending a newsletter to their target audience from Contify. The feature allows them to get feedback on their newsletter content through the rating chosen by their recipients.

Paid/'Require Login' icon to scan and distinguish sources

Newsletter Paid Source

Users will now be able to quickly identify those sources that are paid or require a subscription through a red lock icon. This will help users quickly decide whether they want to consume such updates with paywalls/logins or look for alternate sources that are available in the public domain.

Easily export from your Contify platform

Users can now easily download all updates that they select for further analysis. Users will get automated updates consisting of exported Excel files via email.

Read here to get a holistic overview of our recent updates.

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