We’ve been working hard to elevate your Contify experience. We are excited to share this month’s key product updates, including New ‘Business Events’, ‘Themes’ and ‘People’ Smart Filters, Icons in Dashboards, Bulk Actions (Import), and a Revamped Help Center.  

New Smart Filters: Business Events, Themes, & People

Business Events Themes And People
- Business Events & Themes: Sharpen your focus on key intelligence topics with our new categories, designed for in-depth monitoring of specific industry developments and overarching business themes. - People: Zero in on key industry personalities, thought leaders, and influencers. Our advanced Machine Learning models ensure proper disambiguation and top-tier accuracy in recognizing people.

Revamped Help Center

Revamped Help Center
You can now access help articles directly within the Contify platform. We recently revamped our help center to serve both new and experienced users, providing a quick onboarding process for newcomers and deep-dive insights for power users with comprehensive articles, step-by-step demos and video tutorials.

Streamlined Bulk Import: Global to Curated Newsfeed

Streamlined Bulk Import Global To Curated Newsfeed
Directly transfer important updates from the expansive Global Newsfeed to your Curated Newsfeed, ensuring you never miss out on what’s changing in your market and competitive landscape, even if some updates aren't part of your taxonomy.

Icon Picker in Dashboards

Icon Picker In Dashboards
Make your dashboards uniquely yours. Use the Icon Picker to add preset icons, ensuring quick recognition and navigation when crafting or updating dashboards. Ready to witness these enhancements in action? Watch our interactive demo for a detailed walkthrough. Alternatively, get hands-on experience with a 7-day free trial.