Contify Introduces Native Integration with SFDC Enabling Sales Teams with Actionable Competitive Insights

Article by Devashish Shrivastava 2 min read

Contify, the market and competitive intelligence platform, recently announced its integration with SFDC. The integration is geared towards motivating users to remain in a single platform and access competitive insights without any workflow interruptions.

The integration involves a quick, one-time set-up and users can access Contify directly through the SFDC platform via SSO (single-sign-on). Thus, the integration eliminates the need for users to separately log on to Contify. Such a convergence of platforms is expected to solve the problem of sales teams spending hours looking for competitive insights through scattered and unstructured sources.

The sophisticated Salesforce framework housing information for sales opportunities and account profiles will be strengthened by the integration with Contify’s intuitive dashboards. Users would gain a ready avenue to map deal information with competitive insights at the right time and form intelligent takeaways for winning customers.

Mohit Bhakuni, CEO - Contify says - “Contify's first version of SFDC integration was launched in 2015. It was listed on AppExchange for anyone to download and get insights on prospects, key accounts, and competitors. At that time, the app was ahead of its time and didn't receive enough interest. Today, I'm excited to announce the launch of the next version of the Contify integration with SFDC, which incorporates our extensive experience and learnings from working with thousands of users. The new version has just the right balance of competitive insight to help you win against competitors.”

Contify’s competitive insights provide the contextual lens to sales teams that reveals key differentiators and uncovers the competitive and market pressures influencing their sales wins and losses.

About Contify

Contify is a Market and Competitive Intelligence platform that monitors trends relating to competitors, customers, and industry segments. The system aggregates and organizes intelligent and actionable business information from over 500,000 online sources including news, company websites, social media, reviews, discussion forums, job postings, regulatory portals, and more.

Contify caters to the unique market intelligence requirements of businesses across industries such as manufacturing, telecom, automotive, banks, insurance, consulting, market research firms, Saas-based companies, technology, and pharma companies.

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