Cleanest and Most Granular News API to Fetch Business-relevant Updates

Article by Devashish Shrivastava 4 min read

If you are looking for a way to get the most relevant and up-to-date news for your business, you may want to check out Contify News APIs. Contify News REST API offers the cleanest and most granular News API solution in the market.

The proprietary crawling engine of Contify aggregates updates from over 500,000 sources by continuously monitoring them on a near-real-time basis. Contify News API offers historical updates up to 6 months old, and you can request updates that are older on-demand.

In this blog, we will explore the key features and benefits of Contify News API and how they can help you stay ahead of the competition.

News API granular endpoints and parameters

You can customize your news feed by using various parameters available in the Contify News API, such as

- Specific companies

- Specific URLs (,, etc.)

- Specific topics (New product launches, Layoffs, Partnerships etc.)

- Specific content types (Press releases, Podcasts etc.)

- Source types (News websites, Company websites etc.)

- Language (Spanish, French, German etc.)

- Location (United States, France, China etc.)

The full list of each parameter mentioned above is easily available via their own respective API endpoints, which will return the respective IDs - For example, you can call the ‘Topic’ endpoint to get the list of all topics and their topic IDs available with Contify News API. A similar listing can be extracted by calling the other endpoints.

An example Python code snippet -

News Api Granular Endpoints And Parameters

Multiple IDs can be passed by separating them with commas.

News API AI enrichment, deduplication and disambiguation

The Contify News API returns the updates that are enriched using AI (Machine learning models) - Each update is tagged and categorized by applying NER (Named Entity Recognition) to identify the relevant company, location, topic, etc. with high accuracy.

The Contify News API also handles duplicate content by clustering similar updates in one API response. Every News API response contains duplicate (similar) updates as a cluster. Hence, you only get unique updates in the API response. The clustering is done based on Contify's proprietary deduplication algorithms, that identify similarities between multiple updates based on their title, body, and associated NER metadata.

Contify News API also handles disambiguation. A classic example of disambiguation is to identify the difference between ‘Apple’ as a company and ‘Apple’ as a fruit. This is achieved using the NER (Named Entity Recognition) machine learning algorithm that identifies ‘Apple’ as a company (entity) where ever relevant.

The NER algorithms applied at Contify are custom trained on business news and updates, to achieve high accuracy in identifying the correct entities (such as companies, locations, and topics).

This results in enriched, deduplicated, and disambiguated News updates in the API response.

Request your company list and sources to be added as a part of the Contify News API response

The proprietary crawling engine of Contify aggregates updates from over 500,000 sources. To add to that, you can request any publicly available source you are interested in and Contify will add it, so that News updates from that source are also included in the API response.

Additionally, you can also request to add any company that you do not find in Contify News API “/search-company” endpoint. This can be easily done using the “/request-company” endpoint of Contify News API.

News API response

Contify News API returns the response in JSON format, which can be easily ingested in your internal systems to get relevant news updates. The following variables are returned in the JSON response -

- News update ID

- News update title

- News update summary

- News update URL

- News update date of publication

- News update image URL

- News update type of source

- News update language

- News update duplicate (similar) cluster

- AI-enriched metadata such as company, topic, industry, location and custom tags for each news update

- News update ‘company’ logo

Sample API response format below -

News Api Response

For more information, and to try out the Contify News API - sign up for a free trial here.

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