What’s inside?

  • ‘Defining Objectives’ section to outline the Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) that your M&CI program should answer in alignment with organizational goals.
  • ‘Market Participants’ section to categorize key market players, ensuring comprehensive market and competitive landscape analysis.
  • ‘Intelligence Topics & Sources’ section to specify focus areas, topics, and sources, ensuring a relevant and efficient intelligence-gathering process.
  • ‘Stakeholder Identification’ section to define key stakeholders and objectives of the M&CI program, ensuring effective output of the program.
  • ‘Intelligence Dissemination’ section to strategize intelligence distribution for various stakeholders, maximizing its usability and impact.

Our template can help you:

  • Create a successful M&CI program to drive long-term strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Enhance your competitive intelligence research with a structured approach to gathering and analyzing data.
  • Identify how you can equip leadership, strategy, product, marketing, and sales teams with the right intelligence.