Case Study

How Contify’s Competitive Intelligence Solution Enables A Leading Market Research Firm To Improve Newsletter Engagement By 74%

Learn how a leading consulting and market research firm used Contify analytics to improve the engagement metrics of their intelligence newsletters

About The Company

The Illinois-based market research and consulting juggernaut is a global leader in sales and marketing consulting, outsourcing, technology and software.

Founded in the 80s and with more than 20 offices around the world, it has made its mark with cutting edge industry reports and analysis in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, and agribusiness industries.

Business Challenge

As a thought leader in the research and consulting industry, the company regularly sent out customized newsletters to various subscribers, both internal stakeholders and clients, to keep them updated about new developments in their respective markets.

The company eventually noticed a decrease in the engagement of certain intelligence newsletters going out to its clients. The reasons for this decrease wasn’t clear because the newsletter and subscriber analytics available were limited to the newsletters opened and articles clicked. Feedback emails sent to the busy subscribers were left largely unanswered.

It was difficult to get consolidated insights into what kind of topics, companies, or industry segments were more relevant to the subscribers.

In the absence of such insights, the level of newsletter customization was somewhat limited. The company started looking for a solution that can help them understand their subscribers’ information preferences.

The Solution

Being an inherently data-driven company, it narrowed down on the lack of analytics as the missing piece in their analysis. That’s when they came across Contify’s competitive intelligence software with advanced newsletter analytics.

The granular level of analytics provided by Contify helped them identify the key problem – the disconnect between the intelligence sent by the company and what their subscribers were reading the most.

Their team worked with Contify’s analytics data to generate insights on the companies, topics and industries that were the most relevant to their subscribers. Armed with this data, they came up with a set of smart changes to improve the intelligence newsletters.

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The Impact

The market intelligence team was able to analyze the information on the granular level of every subscriber and the kind of stories they liked and a higher-level analysis of industries, sources, or companies the subscribers were interested in.

These insights helped them understand the information preferences of their subscribers and customise the newsletters to deliver value based on data rather than intuition.

List of Companies Tracked

Based on feedback, they changed the list of companies it tracked every month to send intelligence newsletters that were more relevant to its target audience.

Companies Tracked

Intelligence Newsletter Design

Realising the need for tagging, they updated their newsletter design to include sub-topics for better readability and easier consumptionMI Report


As a result of the intelligence newsletter optimization process, the total number of clicks per month on the newsletters customised with data from Contify analytics surged by 72% over a period of 6 months.


The Methodology

Contify Market Intelligence platform was configured to create and curate newsletters with the advanced analytics, allowing the team to understand what kind of data, information, and news update appealed the most to their intelligence newsletter subscribers — external clients as well as internal teams.

This is how Contify’s advanced analytics helped:

Smart Topics

All the information received in the intelligence alerts by subscribers were classified into different topics, industry segments, and companies.

This level of smart tagging helped analysts understand the exact kind of information that the subscribers loved reading, filtered by industry, company, or topics. The results were further analyzed by different categories, such as

  • What kind of topics were subscribers interested in?
  • What events were the least relevant for subscribers?
  • What companies were most relevant for subscribers?

Smart Feedback

Contify’s proprietary smart feedback system allowed the subscribers to give feedback directly from within the intelligence newsletter.

This information was passed onto Contify’s AI-powered market intelligence platform that learns more about the subscriber preferences based on the feedback. Thus, every response fed back into the Contify algorithms, which helped in improving the relevance of information for its subscribers.

User Engagement Score

Contify’s proprietary user engagement score helps to quantify the subscriber’s behaviour based on various signals received from the subscribers as they engage with newsletters.

Newsletter click data for stories in a topic
Newsletter click data for stories in a topic

The primary view of the analytics dashboard

Individual stories and their corresponding click data
Individual stories and their corresponding click data
Newsletter click data filtered by topics
Newsletter click data filtered by topics

Parting Note

The analysts that carefully track relevant metrics to understand their subscribers’ intentions have a marked advantage – they gain valuable insight into what their subscribers are looking for in the newsletters. Directly asking for feedback from busy subscribers doesn’t provide the kind of insights that Contify analytics provides.

Any analytical metrics that are tracked become an opportunity to discover what subscribers want, and how to best deliver it. These metrics can be used to diagnose, test, and, achieve specific goals to improve the relevance of intelligence newsletters.

By the Numbers

  • 74%

    Increase in company’s intelligence newsletter engagement with contify analytics