Contify’s G2 Rewind – What Our Customers Had To Say About Us In 2022

Article by Malay Mehrotra 6 min read

We’ve bid adieu to 2022. What an exciting year! From achieving our SOC-II compliance, releasing Global Newsfeed, announcing integration with Slack, to rolling out outcome-specific widget templates, and permission-driven access control for Dashboards, and all the other little moments in between - we saw phenomenal growth in the number of users of the Contify platform.

We helped thousands of users make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition using our M&CI platform and News APIs. And, they happily shared their feedback on G2, one of the world's leading business software review platforms.

Thanks to our users, we’ve continued to garner badges and have been named Leaders and High Performers several times in the market intelligence and competitive intelligence categories.

Here are just a few examples of how our customers achieved success in 2022 using Contify, with added context from our customer-facing teams.


What delighted our clients: Centralized repository for primary + secondary intelligence

A big problem Melissa was facing was that relevant information remained in functional silos when it should have been accessible to everyone in the organization. Her vision was a single source of truth for the whole organization that ‘democratizes’ intelligence in her organization.

In a video case study with Contify, Melissa says, “Collecting field intelligence was an important use case for Colart, among others. Contify acted as a safe, centralized repository for field intelligence collected in real-time, accessible to all stakeholders.”

Vivek 1

What delighted our clients: Platform configurability/customization

Vivek had a threefold use case for his organization. Each of their key industry teams had a different use case, depending on which, 3 different instances of configured Contify platforms were assigned to each team.

The ability to customize multiple platforms for each team according to their specific requirements was highly appreciated.


What delighted our clients: Newsfeeds, Newsletter Manager

Marcia's use case consisted of tracking the social media profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), events, CSR activities, product releases, and more of her client’s competitors.

Leveraging Contify’s Newsfeeds, she was able to collect this intelligence on her clients’ competitors in an automated manner, and then create customized reports for her clients using Contify’s Newsletter Manager, with an added executive summary and contextual insights from her team.

This enabled her clients to have a 360-degree awareness of their competitors, earning her appreciation.


What delighted our clients: Real-time news alerts

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly regulated and constantly evolving field, and it is essential for companies to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in order to remain competitive and compliant.

Karen uses Contify’s near-real-time news alerts to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry, such as regulatory changes, new drug approvals, and clinical trial results. By doing so she is able to identify new opportunities, emerging trends, and unmet needs in the market.


What delighted our clients: Excel export, Integrations

Management consulting firms have multiple offices spread across geographies with technical and non-technical team members, each with their own set of tools that they prefer to use. At times like these, exporting data into a spreadsheet allows users to not only preserve the data in a widely-acceptable and easily-editable format but to ingest it into tools that might not support integration with Contify.

Speaking of integrations, Contify's integration with business intelligence tools like Power BI and Tableau was a game-changer for the user, allowing them to seamlessly move data analyses between the platform and their BI tools.


What delighted our clients: Newsletter manager

Being in a senior role in her company, Tina required professional market and competitive intelligence reports and newsletters to be delivered to her clients with minimum effort and time spent.

Contify's Newsletter Manager helps Tina design branded report templates, easily add updates from the platform to the reports, and distribute them to specific recipients, even outside her organization. Plus, she can revisit and keep track of all her past templates and reports.


We thank our amazing users for such encouraging feedback on G2. We are always dedicated to providing a fully-customizable, state-of-the-art market and competitive intelligence platform to help you gain a competitive edge. Your input is of utmost importance to us. Looking forward to your continued success with Contify.

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