Here’s What’s New With Contify’s Market Intelligence platform – February 2021

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Make the most of Contify’s Market Intelligence Solution — the latest features and enhancements.

W ith this edition of the Product Updates newsletter, we’re excited to share the major upgrades and improvements we’ve made to the Contify, market intelligence platform in January. We’ve built Contify to help you track information on competitors, customers, and industry segments, and these updates are designed to help you achieve these goals.

One such new feature we’re excited to share with you is the launch of a completely new website change tracker. Built from the ground up, Contify’s advanced website tracker will let you continuously monitor your competitor’s (or customer’s) website, including specific pages, for changes such as changes in messaging, product additions, pricing changes. It is powered by the same Contify’s AI core that weeds out irrelevant updates and captures only strategically important updates.

Product updates

New And Improved Website Change Tracker To Track Only Strategic Website Changes

- New and Improved Website Change Tracker to Track Only Strategic Website Changes

Contify’s updated website change tracking feature is designed to keep you on top of your competitors’ marketing thought processes. With the ability to track all changes on the webpages, this feature can apprise you of copy edits that highlight positioning changes, product features added or removed, new logos, etc. that might not be covered on the news or press announcements. Read More →

Centralize All Your Intelligence In One Platform To Break Silos

- Centralize All Your Intelligence in One Platform to Break Silos

We’ve made adding intelligence and sharing with your teams a whole lot easier with the ability to add ‘Field Intelligence’. We understand that intelligence is contextual to each function, and people serving these functions are often the greatest source of real intelligence and insights. The ability to add ‘Field Intelligence’ is designed to help our users share these insights with teams and stakeholders right from the Contify Newsfeed. These insights can be added from three different sources such as Web Article, Field Intelligence, and Report or Presentation. Read More →

Market Intelligence Platform Analyst

- Reach out to your dedicated analyst, right from the Contify platform.

Contify is committed to providing a rich customer experience. Therefore, your Contify subscription comes with a dedicated analyst to help you hit your goals most efficiently. We’ve made it easier to connect with your analyst right from the Contify platform. Click on the username on the top right of your platform to find your analyst contact details. Read More →

Contify Apis Call Can Be Made Through A Watchlist Id

- Contify APIs Call can be Made through a Watchlist ID

Earlier, you can only call the Contify APIs through the company ID which means each company ID needs to be separately called to fetch the related insights. Now, a group of companies can be added to a watchlist and a Contify APIs call can be initiated for the entire group through this unique Watchlist ID.

- Contify APIs, in Addition to the New Content, Fetches Updated Archive Content

Earlier while fetching content through the Contify APIs, only the new content which is added to the platform within a given timeframe is returned. In this process, any archived content which is updated was not included. Now, Contify APIs have an additional parameter to fetch the updated archive content in addition to the new content within a given time range.


Supercharge Your Organization S Intelligence Usage By Personalizing Ci With Ai Enabled Mci Platforms

- Supercharge Your Organization’s Intelligence Usage by Personalizing CI with AI-Enabled MCI Platforms

The article summarizes a case study delivered by Contify at SCIP’s IntelliCon Virtual 2020. It is based on our learnings and the experience gained from 185 implementations of our AI-based Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform. Read Blog →

A Global Insurer Leverages Contify To Automate Its Market And Competitive Intelligence Across Lines Of Insurance

- A Global Insurer Leverages Contify to Automate Its Market and Competitive Intelligence Across Lines of Insurance

Learn how Contify’s market and competitive intelligence platform saved the insurance firm 150+ hours spent per month on sourcing, curating, and disseminating intelligence. Paired with Contify’s newsletter manager that makes it easy to create and distribute branded intelligence reports, the firm’s analysts were able to scale the frequency of these strategic briefings to stakeholders from once a month to once a week. Read announcement →

Contify Ai Enabled Market And Competitive Intelligence Solution In The Spotlight On The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute S Website Spotlight

- Contify, AI-enabled Market and Competitive Intelligence Solution in the spotlight on the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute’s Website

MI expert Paul Roetzer recently spoke with Shilpa Tandon, marketing manager of Contify, who discussed how the company’s marketing artificial intelligence solution works. Roetzer published a transcript of the interview on the Marketing AI Institute’s website. Read More Here →

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