Here’s What’s New With Contify’s Market Intelligence Platform · June 2020

Article by Lokesh Devraj 3 min read

Make the most of Contify market and Competitive Intelligence Platform — the latest features and enhancements.

F irst off, we hope that you and your colleagues are healthy and safe. With signs of our economy limping back to life after spending months in a state of suspended animation, we’ve kept ourselves busy listening to your feedback, adding in exciting new features, and scaling our market intelligence platform to better support your intelligence needs and be the eyes and ears you can trust in these unprecedented times. These updates come from the feedback you’ve shared with us. We hope that these newest features and enhancements will help you make the most of your Contify subscription. PS: All our case studies are now open access and are accessible without registration. We received feedback that case studies have valuable information but it is often inconvenient to share it with colleagues because of a form to be filled out to read the contents.


Contify S News Feed Apis Drive Business Opportunities For A Predictive Analytics Company

- Leading predictive analytics company adds real-time business opportunities to its enterprise software suite using Contify’s News Feed APIs

This new release brings some of the most powerful features of Contify’s News feed APIs available on the desktop version of the application to mobile, making it easier than ever to consume intelligence on competitors, customers, and industry segments on the go. Read More →

Contify Announces Successful Deployment Of A Competitive Intelligence Platform

- Global strategy consulting major identifies new business opportunities using Contify

Learn how one of the world’s largest strategy consulting giants uses Contify to track the digital footprint of its private equity client’s portfolio of 1800+ companies. Read the full case study→

Taxonomy Development

- The art and science of taxonomy development for Market and Competitive Intelligence

This series deep-dives into the principles of taxonomies, explains how great ones work, along with the tools and techniques needed to create them. With information based on our hands-on experience in implementing market and competitive intelligence tools and taxonomies for thousands of users across organizations since 2009, we highlight common challenges and suggest practical solutions that have worked for us at Contify. Read the full article →

Product updates

1. Home

Keep Your Users And Teams Apprised Of Forthcoming Critical Events Rendered As An Interactive Timeline Right On The Home Page

- Keep your users and teams apprised of forthcoming critical events, rendered as an interactive timeline right on the home page

Align teams, decision-makers, and key stakeholders by bringing everyone on the same page with a visually rich, interactive timeline of events on the Home page of your Contify enterprise implementation. The timeline can be configured to render both past and forthcoming key market catalyst events and strategic moves by competitors.

2. Newsfeed

Curate Updates For The Newsfeed Efficiently With Bulk Edit Information

- Curate updates for the Newsfeed efficiently with Bulk Edit information

Curating your Contify Newsfeed is now faster and easier than ever with the powerful new ‘Bulk Editʼ feature that lets you make edits to a selection of updates in one stroke — add or remove tags, manage the curation status, and include or exclude them from your email alerts.

- Swiftly notify your teams of mission-critical updates right from the Newsfeed with Instant Alerts

You don't need to create an entire newsletter to appraise your users and teams of time-sensitive strategic developments in your business landscape — with Instant Alerts, you can notify your users and teams effortlessly, right from your Newsfeed! Read the full article →

3. User Management

Manage Permission And Privileges For Your Platform Users

- Manage permission and privileges for your platform users

Along with Dashboards and Workspaces, administrators can now grant or revoke curation privileges and access to the various modules of the Contify platform such as the Taxonomy Builder and Newsletter Manager. Read the full article →

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