Business Challenge

The sales team of a leading IT services company had 63 SDRs and account executives working on 550 US-based healthcare accounts. The sales leader believed deal cycles could be shortened with personalized engagement with prospects. They tried using Google Alerts to keep track of their key accounts, as it allows users to set up email alerts based on specific search terms and preferences, to get important updates about each of their key accounts. This was done to spark contextual and relevant conversations. However, this activity had to be abandoned because Google Alerts periodically provides junk information that is irrelevant to the search term at hand. (Learn why?) They approached Contify to explore if we could provide curated intelligence on their accounts which included payers, hospital chains, and MCOs.

The Solution

We configured our Market Intelligence platform to track both the accounts and the corresponding contacts. The custom configuration of Contify included:

  • Intelligence on companies in the form of leadership changes, new product launches, event participation, awards and 10 other triggers that acted as opportunities for the sales team to reach out
  • Intelligence on decision-makers, influencers and POCs in the form of updates they posted on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, enabling SDRs to make warm calls and write personalized emails
  • Daily email alerts sent out to account owners. Since the client was using Salesforce as their CRM, they were able to leverage our SFDC app to get intelligence right inside their workflow


  1. Customization – Tracking accounts manually was not feasible due to the scale and daily monitoring. Automated services such as Google Alerts were too noisy. A hybrid system was needed to solve the problem.
  2. Contextualization – Another challenge was that large companies had several social media handles. For example, IBM has 100+ Twitter handles. Not all of them were posting relevant updates. Figuring out which of these needed to be tracked was challenging. Our platform automated searching of social media handles and enriched all the CRM accounts that the team was working on.
  3. Noise filtering – Whether news or social media updates, the sales teams was overwhelmed with the volume of content. Most companies were sharing marketing updates. Our intelligent algorithms were able to cut out the bulk of noise, or junk content (over 80% of incoming content).


Contify’s account intelligence solution enabled the client’s sales team to find opportunities to engage with prospects and target accounts on a regular basis. In a survey conducted with the client, we found that 90% of the respondents found sales triggers relevant to their opportunities. We were also able to surface intelligence on companies that rarely appear in the media.

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By the Numbers

  • 90%

    SDRs and account executives found opportunities to engage with their prospects