Market & Competitive Intelligence Templates

Global Market Landscape Analysis Template 2024

This template will help you
  • Visualize and assess the overall structure and dynamics of your market
  • Gain insights into the forces shaping your industry's direction and growth
  • Segment your market based on product types and geographic regions
  • Align your market analysis with your company's goals and strategies

Sales Battlecard Template 2024

This template will help you
  • Compare your business, products, or services up against your competitors
  • Equip your sales team with ready responses to a prospect’s questions, 
  • Gain insights into competitor features, pricing strategies and value propositions
  • Position your product or service strategically and win more deals

Market and Competitive Intelligence Template 2024

This template will help you
  • Outline the specific queries your research aims to answer
  • Determine the key players and areas of interest for your intelligence-gathering
  • Choose the best ways to share your findings, be it reports, presentations, or dashboards
  • Track performance metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your intelligence efforts

Competitive Analysis Template 2024

This template will help you
  • Structure and categorize the market and competitive insights 
  • Benchmark your strengths and weaknesses against competitors
  • Clearly articulate what sets your product or service apart from the competition
  • Identify areas of competitive edge to enhance market position