News APIs have gradually become essential tools for developers because of the ease with which they allow them to incorporate relevant and recent updates into their applications and websites. It is important to note that “News API” is a misnomer. You should expect your “News APIs” provider to offer more than just news. For example, it should include company press announcements, regulatory updates, social media updates, customer reviews, job postings, etc. Tracking multiple sources for updates and collecting them consistently and reliably is more challenging than most people realize. News APIs solve this problem by allowing users to connect their applications with standardized information from thousands of sources. This blog will explore the top 9 best News APIs in 2024, highlighting their key features and how they can enhance various business contexts.  

What is a News API?


A News API is an (application programming) interface that can be used by other applications, such as intranet portals, CMS, CRM, or KMS, to obtain machine-readable data (JSON or XML format) automatically from different websites. It can be used to create new products and services, add features to existing applications, and/or monetize content.



How to choose the right News API?


Selecting the right news API is a crucial decision that impacts how effectively you can access and utilize data in your application and business operations. This choice should be informed by a comprehensive evaluation of various factors, including content scope, customization options, and technical compatibility.

Here are some key considerations when choosing the right news API for your needs:

1. Coverage: Look for an API that offers a broad range of sources, including news, company websites, regulators, social media, etc., to ensure comprehensive coverage. Some use cases may require news in non-English languages such as French, Mandarin, Spanish, or German.

2. Content Scope: Many APIs provide just the headlines or the news stories’ snippets. For in-depth analysis, go for an API that provides full text + headlines.

3. Customization and Filters: The API should allow customization based on keywords, topics, or categories that align with your specific needs.

4. Update Frequency: Ensure the API provides timely updates. Real-time or near-real-time updates are crucial for certain applications.

5. Data Quality and Reliability: The API should provide accurate and reliable data. Check user reviews or test the API to assess its performance.

6. Integration and Compatibility: The API should be easy to integrate with your existing systems and compatible with your technology stack.

7. Cost and Usage Limits: Consider the pricing model and whether it aligns with your budget and usage requirements. Be aware of any usage limits or additional costs.

8. Support and Documentation: Good technical support and comprehensive documentation can significantly ease the integration process.

9. Compliance and Legal Aspects: Ensure the API complies with relevant data privacy laws and intellectual property rights.

10. Trial Periods and Demos: Opt for APIs that offer a trial or demo to test their functionality before committing.

These considerations will guide you in finding an API that fits your technical needs and aligns with your strategic objectives, ensuring you get the most value from your news data integration.



Our top picks for best News APIs to use in 2024


Whether used for integrating current events into applications, enhancing business intelligence, or staying ahead in market analysis, the right News API can be a game-changer.

With lots of options available, choosing the best can be overwhelming. To simplify your search, we’ve curated a list of the top News APIs to consider in 2024.

These APIs have been selected based on their features, pricing, and limitations, making them ideal for various applications.

1. Contify News APIs

2. Newscatcher APIs

3. News API

4. Social Animal News API

5. InfoTrie

6. MT Newswires

7. Connexun

8. Overwatch Data

9. Textsla News Sentiment API

Contify News APIs

Contify News APIs offer the cleanest and most granular News API solution in the market. Contify’s technology includes machine learning classification, deduplication, topics and industry categorization, summarization, business event detection, Named Entity Recognition (NER), and others to deliver contextually relevant news feeds enriched with meta-data.

It also employs cutting-edge technologies like the LLMs and transformer-based machine learning techniques, which provide a contextual understanding of human languages and classical NLP approaches.

Contify’s Insights Engine covers text mining, Natural Language Processing/ Understanding/ Generation, and curation services.


• 500,000+ sources, including online news, company websites, premium and niche trade publications, social media, regulatory portals, review websites, job boards, etc.

• Options to add your sources, such as websites of your competitors or key customers.

• Options to add your custom meta-data.

• Enriched data with companies, locations, content types, industries, themes, people, and business events.

• Multi-language support using SmartTranslate.

• Developer-friendly API documentation and console.


Contify offers customized pricing plans depending on the use cases. Contact here to learn more about pricing.


Contify News APIs are business-focused. They don’t provide non-business updates such as sports, entertainment, politics, crime, or general interests. Since Contify de-duplicates news, it is excellent for intelligence but not relevant for brand reputation and media monitoring.

Newscatcher API

Newscatcher API provides access to news articles from over 150+ countries and more than 20,000 media outlets. Automated updates are available in more than 77 languages and can occur as frequently as every minute. The data can be downloaded in Excel and JSON formats.


• Unlimited API calls with a one-call/ second rate limit.

• Access to ~120,000 news articles daily for contributors (~70,000 for basic users).

• Filter by keyword, language, topic, country, source, and published time for contributors (just keyword & language by default).


The pricing model is customized based on the user’s requirements.


The API does not allow input of more than a hundred days for long-term queries or beyond a hundred hours for short-term queries. This limitation is set to manage the load on the API and ensure efficient data retrieval.


This simple and lightweight yet robust News API covers wide-ranging markets, including 80,000 news sources and blogs from over 55 countries. It is great for global news, easy to integrate, and free for development. You get JSON results with simple HTTP GET requests and/or can even use one of the SDKs available in your language.


• Search using keywords and phrases, and use operators such as “AND,” “NOT,” “OR,” and “must.”

• Search news within specific timeframes in the past.

• Search news in specific domains, single or multiple.

• Search news in over 14 languages.


The pricing model includes a free plan with limited features and paid plans starting at $449 monthly.


The free version (“Developer”) does not allow access to articles older than a month. It is also restricted to 100 daily requests, and the article content is truncated to the first 200 characters.

Social Animal News API

Social Animal News API provides real-time global news, trending headlines, and popular web content from millions of news sources.

It delivers the top shared articles for any keyword/domain easily and tracks any URL’s social media performance. It uses NLP (Natural language processing techniques) to analyze, extract entities, and evaluate the syntax of the text.


• Offers APIs for trending content, top shared content, top influencers by keywords, and more.

• Supports 39 languages.

• Allows curating the top shared articles for any keyword/domain effortlessly.

• Tracks the social media performance of any given URL.

• Discover the most relevant influencers, authors, and profiles for your keyword/domain.

• Provides advanced filters that include filtering by keywords, title, date, language, location, word count, author names, domain, published vs shared dates, TLD, URLs, or even by the type of content – Listicle, Product review, How to guide, Podcast, etc.

• Provides sentimental analysis reports.


The pricing model includes a free plan with limited features and paid plans starting at $49 monthly.


The API provides parameters to manage how the results are returned in a paginated fashion so that they are in manageable chunks for use in your app or script.


InfoTrie provides comprehensive corporate data services that offer accurate, reliable data on various areas, including financials, ownership, mergers and acquisitions, market insights, and more.


• Covers 111,000+ publicly traded & private companies.

• Uses point-in-time fundamentals covering global companies.

• Covers over 120+ countries.

• Offers fundamental data up to the 1990s.


The pricing model is based on product, coverage, and use case factors.


It is good for social media and alternative news data but not business data. Granularity in data is questionable. No customization capabilities are specified.

MT Newswires

MT Newswires is a real-time global financial news provider offering original-source, real-time financial news serving the largest banks, trading, wealth management, and research applications worldwide.


• Provides original-source, real-time, global financial news.

• Offers comprehensive premium financial and business news services providing up-to-the-minute coverage of US and Canadian capital markets, plus broad coverage of the major European and Asian capital markets and economies.

• Offers APIs for trending content, top shared content, top influencers by keywords, and more.

• Offers up-to-date news and insights on cryptocurrencies.


The pricing model is based on product, coverage, and use case factors.


It’s not a news aggregator like other APIs. It produces over 1,600 unique ticker-tagged and category-coded stories per day. It is focused only on the financial markets.


Connexun’s News and Text Analysis API is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to deliver real-time multilingual news tracking and analysis.

The API leverages the power of Connexun’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine, B.I.R.B.AL., which has been meticulously trained using a vast database of over a million articles in various languages.

The engine has state-of-the-art natural language processing models to offer comprehensive news filtering, classification, and summarization features.


• Automatic aggregation of news from open web sources.

• Extractive short summaries of news.

• Customized solutions are available upon request.

• Media and web monitoring for reputation detection.

• Access news from a particular place using its longitude and latitude.


Connexun’s pricing is customized based on the user’s requirements.


Uncertain future. The team size is very small on LinkedIn. Only five people, which is reduced from nine in the last couple of years. Both the founders are involved with other companies and activities. We couldn’t find any AI/ML engineering on LinkedIn associated with Connexun.

Overwatch Data

Overwatch Data News API provides a comprehensive suite of tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of global news, social media, and deep web content. It helps organizations stay informed about events and narratives that impact them, offering contextual insights across multiple languages and platforms.


• AI-driven analysis for risk and market intelligence.

• Extensive coverage, including news in over 100 languages, major and fringe social media platforms, and deep/dark web forums.

• Location-specific alerts for various risks, including conflicts, natural disasters, and man-made disasters.

• Sophisticated monitoring of live feeds from open web, deep web, social media, and commercial sources.


• NewsOwl: $500/month for intelligence across news, social media, and the deep web.

• News: $750 discounted to $500/month.

• Social Media: $3000 discounted to $2000/month.

• Deep Web: $6000 discounted to $5000/month.

• Additional specialized packages like Fraud and Financial Crime Intelligence, Global Intelligence and Critical Events, Brand and Executive Protection at higher price points.


Higher-tier subscriptions offer extensive capabilities but are expensive.

Textsla News Sentiment API

The News Sentiment API by Textsla is a sophisticated tool designed to analyze and monitor how a brand or business is perceived across various media formats.

It employs advanced techniques to gather and interpret sentiments expressed in news articles, video feeds, and audio recordings, offering valuable insights into public perception and media portrayal of a brand.

This API is especially useful for businesses looking to understand and manage their public image, track competitive landscapes, and stay ahead of market trends.


• Monitors news feeds, sites, and other sources for sentiment regarding a brand or business​​.

• Uses automated methods to aggregate information from various outlets to present a comprehensive view of the public perception of a brand​​.

• Includes web-scraping and real-time analysis, extracting text from audio and video content, and image recognition​​.

• Offers a dashboard to visualize common talking points, review splits, keywords, and other key data indicators​​.

• Identifies brand mentions across media, provides insight into press opinions, compares performance with competitors, identifies trends and issues, tracks brand ambassadors, organizes brand mentions, and gauges public sentiment​​.


• Basic Plan: $0.00/month with five requests per month​​.

• Pro Plan: $3.00/month with 10,000 requests per month and $0.001 for each additional request.

• Ultra Plan: $6.00/month with 30,000 requests per month and $0.03 for each additional request.

• Mega Plan: $9.00/month with 1,000,000 requests per month and $0.02 for each additional request.

All plans have a rate limit of one request per second.


Limitations regarding the number of requests per month and additional costs for exceeding the request limit.





Which news API you choose for your organization depends upon what you need out of it. If your application needs it for financial market movements, specialized APIs like MT Newswire, which offers news on this domain, are useful.

Similarly, a News API like Contify that offers a noise-free stream of intelligence on companies, industries, and business events is useful for market and competitive intelligence purposes.

Take a 7-day free trial

If you need to build a News app or add news for your non-business users, general news aggregators like NewsAPI can meet your expectations.

Remember, the right API offers access to a wide range of news sources and fits seamlessly into your technology ecosystem, ensuring you leverage the full potential of real-time news data. Choose wisely and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape!