Contify Market Intelligence Platform Launches News APIs

Article by Amir Moin 3 min read

Contify- AI-enabled market Intelligence platform- got awarded with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation award.

C ontify, winner of Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation award, today announced the launch of Contify News feed APIs — a customizable solution for companies to integrate market and competitive intelligence into their internal and customer-facing applications.

Contify collects, organizes, and curates competitive insights, customers analysis, and information on key topics across industries. Companies can now access these insights through Contify News feed APIs. These competitive and market insights are sourced from the news, corporate, government and regulatory websites, and the social web including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

On the heels of this launch, Contify also onboarded DemandFarm — a Key Account Management platform — as its first API customer. DemandFarm is using Contify Newsfeed APIs to get account intelligence and market intelligence on companies and key people directly into its app.

Commenting on their decision to choose Contify, Milind Katti, Co-founder & CEO of DemandFarm said,

“Contify APIs are easy to use and help us to quickly launch a differentiating feature. Just the number of additional inquiries based on this feature is sufficient to justify the investment.” Mohit Bhakuni, Founder & CEO, Contify, said,
“We are thrilled to have DemandFarm as our customer. Insights delivered in DemandFarm’s app show how APIs enable the seamless integration of market intelligence into apps. The possibilities of integration are limited only by our imagination.” He continues, “Today, companies want solutions that weave external and internal data together for better decision making. Our Newsfeed APIs now make it possible for businesses to integrate account and market intelligence from public online sources with their internal data stored in ERPs and custom applications giving their teams a 360-degree view. Using our APIs, businesses can now take advantage of Contify’s scalable market intelligence platform built over the last 5 years, using machine learning and text analytics.”

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About DemandFarm

DemandFarm is a Key Account Management platform that sits on top of CRM systems. It’s offering is an easy-to-use cloud technology native to Salesforce, that can adapt to any Key Account Management (sales) methodology. It addresses the unique challenges of process, insights, and follow-through faced by B2B Companies that deliver complex, large-scale, high-value solutions to their Strategic Accounts. DemandFarm is headquartered in New York with offices in Gurgaon, India.

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