Contify’s Market and Competitive Intelligence Solution Helps a Global Insurer Automate Strategic Intelligence Reporting across Lines of Insurance

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Learn how a leading global insurance firm saved 150+ analyst-hours/month leveraging Contify’s market and competitive intelligence platform

C ontify, the AI-enabled market and competitive intelligence solutions provider, has announced that it has deployed its platform to help a global insurance firm automate the process of competitive and market insights across lines of insurance in the global and emerging markets.

The firm was looking for a market and competitive intelligence tool that could capture insights on:

1. The global competitive landscape across various lines of insurance such as property, life, specialty, etc, with a focus on the top ~150 firms.

2. Specific emerging/target markets, including emerging FinTech start-ups.

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Contify configured a customized version of its AI-enabled market intelligence platform that could:

1. Retrieve updates from thousands of sources across the web, including hundreds specific to the insurance domain, and structure them in taxonomy, customized to match the firm’s internal nomenclature and information architecture. For example, the firm was keen on tracking Emerging Technology in the insurance space. The Contify platform was configured to identify and tag such incoming updates, as well as categorize them according to specific topics of interest such as InsurTech/FinTech, Big Data, and IoT.

2. Provide a centralized platform for easy management and retrieval of the sourced update to enable analysts to collaborate on adding a layer of analysis and insights.

3. Disseminate the insights and analysis to the firm’s leadership and strategy teams in the form of Intelligence Newsletter Reports.

Contify’s Market and Competitive Intelligence solution saved the insurance firm 150+ hours every month in sourcing, curating, and disseminating intelligence. Paired with Contify’s Newsletter Manager which makes it easy to create and distribute branded intelligence reports, the firm’s analysts were able to scale the frequency of these strategic briefings to stakeholders from once a month to once a week.

"I love the look and feel and the integration capabilities of the platform. The Newsletters are as per our branding and are appreciated by the management team. My team need not scroll through the web anymore." says an analyst at the insurance firm’s marketing team.
“In the face of insurtech and rising challenges due to new market entrants and shifting customer expectations, it is pertinent for insurers to stay ahead with reliable data and insights. AI and machine learning are also proving to be the biggest driver of efficiency for the insurers. Contify’s AI-enabled market and competitive intelligence platform help insurers across lines of insurance to track emerging market trends, foresee threats and opportunities, gain competitive intelligence, develop customer-focused products and drive efficiencies,” adds Mohit Bhakuni, the Founder and CEO of Contify.

Contify caters to the unique competitive and market intelligence requirements of the businesses across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, banks, insurance, consulting, market research firms, and pharma companies.

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Contify offers an AI-enabled Market and Competitive Intelligence solution that tracks information on competitors, customers, and industry segments. It enables users to collect, curate, and share information across the organization. Intelligent (actionable) information is mined by searching and analyzing information from over 200,000 online sources including news, company websites, social media, reviews, discussion forums, job postings, regulatory portals, and more.

How a Global Insurer Leverages Contify to Automate Its Market and Competitive Intelligence Across Lines of Insurance

How a Global Insurer Leverages Contify to Automate Its Market and Competitive Intelligence Across Lines of Insurance

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